Houston Astros, Dengue Fever and Felix Mexican Restaurant

Batter Up

Online readers respond to "Who's on Deck?" by Richard Connelly, April 3.

A fan: Your article was great. I laughed more than I have all day.


Houston Astros


Astros issues: I grew up in the Astrodome watching the Astros. I have been so disappointed for so many years. I still hate the '86 Mets (was it '86?) and everyone who played on that team, the bastards. Every spring I get excited, and every fall I am let down (except for one!). I would never let a man treat me so badly and then take him back year after year. When it comes to the Astros, I have issues, I guess. Go 'Stros! (See?)


Beer with Them

A Houstoned Rocks blog reader responds to "Last Night: Dengue Fever at the Orange Show," by William Michael Smith, April 2, then Smith pipes in.

Ugly American: Complaining about alcohol selection while you're in a place as amazing as the Orange Show is just so...American. I think the Orange Show folks are doing an absolutely awesome job with the space. The night of the Dengue Fever show was clearly the busiest the staff had ever been, and they all handled it well. They've only fairly recently begun really focusing on presenting live music events, and I'm sure that operations will run more smoothly (and the alcohol selection will expand) as their experience grows. I can't wait to see what the Orange Show has to offer in the future.


Couldn't agree more: It was great; they did a fine job on a busy night. Still, there are a few tweaks that will make it mo' betta. And I like beer...

william michael smith

Farewell, Felix

Eating...Our Words blog readers respond to "Felix Mexican Restaurant Closes After 60 Years in Business," by Robb Walsh, March 21.

So very sad: Our entire family is sad and grieving as if we have lost a family member. The queso and cheese enchiladas were the best anywhere, hands down. The guacamole and hot sauce were a particular favorite as well. My parents have been married 51 years and have spent many anniversaries at Felix. It was my birthday spot for the last 20 years.


Six decades: I was first taken to Felix's in a car bed in 1945 and have gone at least once a week ever since. I am in mourning, as is my sister and many of my friends.


A quart of love: I moved to Houston in 1954 as a very small child. Felix was the first Mexican restaurant that my family ever tried, and it has been our very favorite all these years. We celebrated birthdays, promotions, baptisms and every out-of-town visit from relatives with a trip to Felix's. This was just about the only restaurant that my family frequented. The queso is something to behold. I still have one quart remaining in my freezer, and I will be extremely cautious about whom I share it with — only a true lover of Tex-Mex would deserve this honor. If anyone produces a true Felix cookbook, please let us know.

Micaela Zoeller

Off the Menu

Send it back: If the purpose of your Menu of Menus event was to set a world record about how many people you can stuff into a natural history museum under the false promise of a delicious night of food and wine, I think that you succeeded. If your purpose was to give people a good time while sampling delicious foods from a variety of Houston restaurants, then you failed miserably.

Standing cheek by jowl as various anonymous folks dribble unknown solids and fluids upon one may be fine if you are at an orgy, but for a night of sophistication it truly sucked.

A few words of advice: If you have outgrown your venue, and a blind monkey drinking whiskey and playing canasta could see that you have outgrown that venue, move to a larger venue.

If you cannot move, then cap ticket sales and use the floor in a logical manner.

Did y'all throw darts at a map of the museum to place the tables? Did you give no thoughts to traffic flow and customer satisfaction? Was it necessary to give scarce floor space to a mediocre cover band?

Apparently, some friends of mine overheard the organizers of the event discussing how to fix these problems. I would cut them some slack, except for one thing. This is the sixth Menu of Menus, not the first. Am I supposed to believe that all of the problems materialized this year? That the five previous ones ran like a well-oiled machine? Bullshit. An event this poorly planned and run shows nothing but contempt for the patron. Either fix your problems or change the name of the event to something else such as Night of a Thousand Lines, Standing in Crowds, or Fuck You, We Already Have Your Money.

Kevin Dunn


In the course of excoriating the Astros' chances for this season ("Who's On Deck?" by Richard Connelly April 3), we managed to misspell the names of Shawn Chacon and Brandon Backe. We apologize for the errors.


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