Houston Dominates True Love, If Essence Magazine Is To Be Believed

Houston, we are kicking ass once again -- this time in the category of smooth, silky black romancing.

Essence magazine, which is sorta like Cosmo for black women (we guess), conducted a nationwide search to find the five most romantic couples who want to get engaged. The winning couple will be revealed on Good Morning America and win a $50,000 wedding, which ain't shabby.

And of the five couples, two -- a full 40 percent of the total of the most romantic black couples in the entire nation -- are from Houston.

Love is in the air, along with the petrochemicals.

Houston, meet your candidates:

There's Rashad Ahman Sanders & Andrea Jamia Hill; his proposal letter says "Even though our love was long distance, we still cared for each other as if we were right next door." Her response: "When I dreamed about my future mate, I knew that I wanted him to be strong, intelligent, a hard worker, and above all else, have a heart for God. In you, I've found all of my heart's desires and more."

They met on a blind date.

Then there's Anthony D. Lewis & Kirstan K. Simmons. Says he: "After I spotted you in the orange juice section of a grocery store, I was a changed man." Says she: "When you speak to me, I hear love in your voice. When you look at me, I see love in your eyes."

The met in the orange juice section.

Go now and vote for one of these couples. Don't even think of voting for some lame-ass couple from Cincinnati, New York/New Jersey or Indiana.

-- Richard Connelly


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