Houston Drivers May Not Suck As Much As You Think
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Houston Drivers May Not Suck As Much As You Think

Houston drivers get dissed all the time -- we never use the turn signal, we change lanes with an "ask questions later" policy, we don't pay a lot of attention to speed-limit signs.

But at least we're better than those clowns in Dallas and San Antonio.

That, at any rate, is the conclusion from Allstate, a company we assume knows a little bit about car crashes. They've just released their fifth annual "America's Best Drivers" report and -- while Houston would never rank as high as the drivers of leader Sioux Falls, S.D. -- we did okay. (And we think points should be taken off, anyway, for the fact that you're driving through Sioux Falls.)

Among cities with more than a million people, Allstate says we were Number Four.

Phoenix, San Diego and New York topped the list.

Houston, the company found, had a "collision likelihood" almost one-third higher than the rest of the country, but that's not as bad as some other cities. The average Houstonian went 7.6 years between collisions.

In fifth-place San Antonio, the collision likelihood was 36.3 percent higher and average years between collisions was 7.3. In seventh-place Dallas it was 39.5 percent and 7.2 years.

The worst of the big cities? Philadelphia: 57.1 percent higher and 6.4 years between collisions.

Still, we think we'd rather live there than in Sioux Falls.


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