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Houston One of Top 20 Environmentally Green Cities in North America, Somehow

A new study of environmental practices in major cities in North America finds Houston ranked 16th, which is not that bad considering, you know, our air.

The study, sponsored by the Siemens Corporation, used 31 criteria involving air, water supply, recycling and all that.

A pair of hippie cities took the top two spots: San Francisco and Vancouver. Then New York and then another damn tree-hugging enclave, Seattle.

Houston finishes behind Philadelphia, Calgary and Sacramento and just ahead of Dallas, Orlando and Montreal.

"There's a real trend in these cities to pay attention to environmental sustainability for economic reasons" that include cutting energy costs, says Eric Spiegel, president and CEO of Siemens Corp., which sponsored the survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a research division of The Economist. "They're not waiting for Washington to make up its mind on climate change."

Worst in the 27-city rankings: Detroit, St. Louis and Cleveland.


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