Houston Pottery People Fight Back Against Ike

If you're a Houstonian who's into pottery -- that's pot


, Phish phan -- then you've probably heard of V. Chin.

His actual name is the mouthful of Vorakit Chinookoswong, but he's known around here (and around America, actually) by the way he signs his work.

The bad news for Chin is he lives in Seabrook. And he wasn't one of those few people out there who escaped Ike.

Chin "lost everything—house, studio, potter's wheel, inventory of art work—to the storm," says Janis Ross, founding member of the Houston Potters' Guild.


To help Chin out, the local pottery community is having a silent auction of clay art November 8 at the Archway Gallery.

The Archway and the Guild will be joined by the Clay Arts Museum and Education Organization (CAMEO) in the effort.

They can't get any of Chin's old works back, but they hope to help him get back on his feet again.

-- Richard Connelly


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