Houston Still A Taser-Happy Kinda Town

Houston says go ahead and tase me, bro
Houston says go ahead and tase me, bro

The legacy of former Houston Police chief Harold Hurtt lives on -- the city is still spending mad money buying Tasers.

City council has approved another $4.5 million for the gadgets, which are supposed to reduce deadly force incidents but also prevent police from having to put up with the hassles of people who don't listen to them.

The money will go to buy about 8,500 of the devices over the next five years, if we're doing our math correctly. The city will get a discount price of $525 each.

HPD has purchased alomst 5,000 Tasers since Hurtt introduced them to the department six years ago.

Deadly force incidents haven't really gone down in that time, but Taser incidents are hoppin': they've been used more than 2,500 times since December 2004.

Just ask former Texans lineman Fred Weary (Question No. 9).

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