Houston Texans' Season Starts, Whether You Want It Or Not

The Houston Texans have come a long way from their "adorable baby" seasons, when they made a lot of mistakes but fans forgave them.

The problem is, they haven't come long enough. As they head into their seventh season, they are still looking for anything better than a .500 finish.

Will they do it? No one knows. The team seems improved, but it faces a killer early schedule, and a few key injuries could wipe out any hopes they have.

So we put together a blue-ribbon panel of experts -- me, my kid, a psychic and two radio guys -- and have read the entrails to determine what will happen in 2008.

You'll have to read the story to get the answer.

In the meantime, enjoy a slideshow about the team we've grown to be frustrated by.

-- Richard Connelly


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