HPD Thinks Houstonians Should Actually Use Turn Signals

Be warned if you plan on driving the Loop -- especially the South Loop -- today: HPD is out in force, handing out tickets for what we always thought was a Houston tradition.

People actually use their turn signals on the freeway these days? You could have fooled us.

But an HPD officer tells Hair Balls there are "six or seven" cruisers out on the South Loop this afternoon, handing out tickets for failure to signal when changing lanes.

Unfortunately, he told Hair Balls this as he was handing Hair Balls a ticket. For failing to signal when changing lanes.

"You were going with the flow of traffic just fine, but you didn't signal and that's what we're looking out for today," he said.

So be warned, and blink away. The next thing you know they'll be wanting us to observe speed limits.

-- Richard Connelly


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