Hurricane Irene, comin' atcha.
Hurricane Irene, comin' atcha.

Hurricane Irene: Tips from the Last U.S. City to Get Hit (Includes Hurricane Bingo Game!)

Hurricane Irene, if some computer models are to be believed, is headed as a major storm into the New York/New England area.

They're not real used to hurricanes up there, but here in Houston we deal with tropical-storm fever all the time.

Here are some tips and guides.

First, as TV coverage intensifies, be sure to play our Hurricane Bingo game. Fill in the squares as TV folks interview people buying plywood about how they're buying plywood and other wonderful staples of looming-hurricane coverage.

Then read this helpful guide we put together when Hurricane Earl threatened you guys last year, including helpful tips on how to stock up on nonperishable food you will never, ever eat.

And finally, in 2009, the year after Hurricane Ike hit us, we welcomed the new hurricane season with a raft of tips, games and charts.



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