I Voted For McCain And All I Got Was This Cheap Plunger

A serious election calls for serious measures.Whether a large purchase of toilet plungers qualifies as serious is debatable, but it got our attention. Steve Radack, the pugnacious Republican county commissioner in the County of Harris, will pass out 1,000 toilet plungers to rally the conservative vote tomorrow. The idea, we guess, is if conservatives wield pitchfor...---


----it will provide just the right common touch to persuade independents to favor the party that thrust Joe The Plumber on the nation. Never mind that Joe's from Ohio.

Radack talked to Hair Balls on the phone as he was passing out plungers at the intersection of Bissonett and Buffalo Speedway.

"They're going crazy for them," he says.

Radack says he spent "a couple of thousand" on the plungers. He's also passing out bags of coal to support coal miners who would allegedly be hurt by Democrats. Or maybe it's in support of backyard barbecue-ists whose livelihood is endangered. We have trouble keeping up with all the campaign symbolism.

Radack apparently is not passing out business cards for the public-relations firm hired by the real "Joe the Plumber" or directions to H&R Block so Joe could pay his taxes. But there's still time!

-- Steve Olafson


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