Ike, hooters, Snack Wrap and Budge and Bistro

Galveston Today

Online readers respond to Hurricane Ike's Wake," by John Nova Lomax, January 8.

What to do: Now you tell us what happened, but the important thing is to tell us what we can do about it.


Hurricane Ike


BOI trouble: So far, it's you all, Galveston Daily News and Mimi Schwartz at Texas Monthly still talking about this. I am ashamed of local TV and the Houston Chronicle. Don't get me started about Perry — I refuse to call him Governor — and even our own local officials. Time to get a bus of muddy, ragged BOIs and sit in front of the Texas Capitol; that doesn't work, there's always the White House.

Kat Hale from friendswood

Looking ahead: It's time to move beyond Ike and plan for the future of Galveston. The No. 1 issue is how to minimize or eliminate catastrophes in the future, whether it involves raising houses or providing surge protection on the bay. This isn't about increasing publicity. It's about working.

Zeon from Galveston

No surprise: It is sad that Galveston and Bolivar suffered so much damage, but is anybody surprised? Bolivar is only a few feet above sea level. Galveston has a dike, but it stops after ten miles. Did Ike know it was not supposed to go beyond the dike and flood the city from the back side? I grew up in Holland, where taxpayers spend billions of dollars on keeping their feet dry. What do we do here? Pray!

DON DYKSTRA from Houston

Hooters Guy

Hair Balls blog readers respond to "Man Wants to Lick Hooters (In the Courtroom)," by Paul Knight, January 9.

Give him a job: I say hire him and make him wear the exact same uniform. You know that weasel just wants $$$, he doesn't want to work as a Hooters girl.


Equality: Forget the Rockettes and the SI swimsuit issue...When is Playboy going to have their first male centerfold?


This begs the question: How many "Hooters girls" are really drag queens?


Devil's Food

Eating...Our Words blog readers comment on "I Have Seen the Devil, and His Name Is Big Mac Snack Wrap," by Craig Hlavaty, January 9.

Tasty: I ran into a McDonald's yesterday to grab a chicken wrap during a busy day, and saw the promotion board perched on the counter. I ordered one, thinking, as advertised, it was "snack size." I was surprised it was larger than the chicken snacks and had plenty of special sauce (read: flavored mayo). I had one patty, torn in half. It was pretty tasty to a starving person, though. I had post-purchase anxiety about the unnecessary calories.


Stoner food: A cold and sterile boardroom at McDonald's? This bad boy was invented by stoners!


Awful: Proper stoners would never subject themselves to this awful gimmick. They would either go to Taco Bell and get a taco, or go to McDonald's and buy a Big Mac — cravings never come half-and-half.


Grill it: All the wraps I have ever had seem to use uncooked tortillas. They need to throw them on a grill, Mexican style, before I'll try another.


I am not loving it! I was driving into McDonald's to get something to eat when I pulled up to the drive-thru, and I saw the new Big Mac snack wrap and got it. When the dude at the drive-thru gave it to me, after two bites, I felt like I was going to puke.


Um, no: This is a terrible idea. So I went out and tried it, so I wasn't that person who knocked it without trying it. I am now boycotting "Taco McDonald's" — this is an absurd idea. Like our society is not obese enough, we have to snack size everything for "portion control" and now the Big Mac? This is wrong on so many levels. Wrapping food in a tortilla does not make it better for us...and charging the consumer $1.19 makes the dieter more enticed to order two because it's a snack wrap. Please, just order a Happy Meal and have agood day.


French Fare

Online readers comment on "Bistro on a Budget," by Robb Walsh, January 15.

Real bistro: I had lunch at Bistro des Amis with a friend of mine. It had been recommended to me by some friends from France who said that this was a real bistro in every sense of the word. When you walk in, you see the specials of the day on the blackboard. It is not a big place, but a simple, non-pretentious restaurant that has a friendly feeling to it.

I started out with the assiette gourmande, which featured a few different pâtés, all homemade and fresh. Then I tried the fabulous onion soup. Afterward, I had the chicken crepe with a simple side salad. I finished everything with the house gateau Basque, and my friend ordered the crème brûlée. Halfway through dessert, we traded. We loved them both. All in all, it was the most pleasurable dining experience in along time.

Soon it will be impossible to get a table there. Can't wait to go back for dinner. Now don't you go all at once!

Comment by RB from Houston


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