Ikea's "69" Ad: Too Racy For Houston?

Music from bad `70s porn and graphics talking about 69 in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the office, in the bathroom, and how 69 is "the best date ever" -- why would anyone think something like that is nasty?

(Unless the bathroom is in some bachelor pad stacked with pizza boxes; the ladies might be hesitant about that.)

What, "69" is some sexual reference? No, it's 6/9 -- the day Ikea opens its renovated Houston store, of course. So why did some Houston TV stations allegedly refuse to run the ad?


We're actually not sure which, if any, stations banned the ad -- one commenter on the YouTube page said KHOU is running it, and the Houston Chronicle, for what it's worth, is running it.

But there's nothing like getting publicity for a "racy ad" that people then go flock to see on the net.

The blogger for Channel 39 does say some stations turned it down, though. We've called Ikea's corporate communications department but haven't heard back.

Maybe they're too busy with 69 in the office.

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