Images of Hurricane Ike

We've been loading up Ike-related posts at all hours here on Hair Balls, so we thought it'd be a good time to pause and look back at all the images we've seen over the past seven days. Click each photo below to get to a larger slideshow.

Hurricane Ike Slams into San Leon

Images of Hurricane Ike

Businesses, homes and cars were destroyed, and plenty of folks wound up with boats in their yards.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Galveston

Images of Hurricane Ike

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Scenes from Monday, September 15, of boats pushed way onto land, piers shattered into thousands of pieces, and people giving each other a helping hand.

Hurricane Ike Smashes the Kemah Boardwalk

Images of Hurricane Ike

Kemah definitely experienced the storm's wrath more than most places in Texas did.

More Images from Before and After Hurricane Ike

Images of Hurricane Ike

Fires, rattlesnakes, boat thieves, flotsam, flooding, cracked trees and shattered boats in Galveston, Houston, League City, Texas City and Kemah.

Hurricane Ike Slams into Seabrook

Images of Hurricane Ike

More images of Gulf Coast destruction from Saturday, September 13.

Hurricane Ike Slams into Baytown

Images of Hurricane Ike

The swell was anything but, as these photos from Bayland Marina attest.

Hurricane Ike Slams into Houston

Images of Hurricane Ike

When the storm hit town in the early morn of Saturday, September 13, it flooded roads, snapped trees, prevented firefighters from saving a culinary landmark and shattered windows on a downtown skyscraper.

Hurricane Ike Slams into Galveston

Images of Hurricane Ike

Before the rains even arrived on Friday, September 12, many parts of the island were already underwater, and the Seawall and Stewart Beach were covered in rough water and flotsam.

Houston Prepares for Hurricane Ike

Images of Hurricane Ike

Scenes from Midtown on the afternoon of Thursday, September 11.

-- Keith Plocek

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