Incoming: A River Oaks Tale

A River Oaks Tale

Online readers respond to "Teflon Man," by Craig Malisow, March 6:

Thanks: This is one of the most insightful and interesting articles I have read in a long while. The insights into River Oaks society are fascinating and certainly explain why these grifters get away with so much for so long. I hope the silent but shallow neighbors and friends of this child abuser grow a conscience (this means you, Carolyn) and help bring Gary Ross (and Holly Colon) to justice. Thanks for the public service, Houston Press.


Great story: These crooks live their whole lives screwing innocent people out of their money. They deserve to be called out. This is a wake-up for future victims. May he live the rest of his miserable days on the streets with nothing but the shirt on his back, if even that.


Band of Brothers

Online readers respond to "Aftermath: The Jonas Brothers, Past Their Sell-By Date at RodeoHouston," by Brandon K. Hernsberger, Rocks Off blog, March 8:

Bringing the bias: Did you actually see or hear the same concert I did yesterday? The Jonas Brothers did a fantastic job, and I'm not a teenager. I was so impressed with the concert. Demi, I was not so impressed with. Please leave your biases at the door when you review a concert in the future.


Impressed: Those boys did an amazing job. This is coming from a father who was dreading attending the concert with my teens. I am so glad I went now. It was fun, active and very enjoyable. The crowd was crazy and very loud; the fans sang along (and continued to scream nonstop) with those boys, and I don't remember a dull or quiet moment like you described. I myself was shocked by the talent these boys have. I was very impressed.


Are you serious? Okay, just because the Jonas Brothers don't sing about drugs and sex, you say they suck? Bull! The Jonas Brothers are real and fun and what teens like me look up to — great role models. And don't you ever call Kevin ugly — he's gorgeous, plus Nick's album rocked, and that show was anything but boring. So shut your mouth.


Pssst...Your lede completely negates any possibility that your essay is going to come from a place of reason, right out of the gate. Just thought you might want to know.

Concerned Citizen

Wow, angry much? I'm not a Jonas Brothers fan and I couldn't name you a single song they do, but this review seems to be more about how you're upset they don't appeal to your hipster credibility (as if they should — just look at their audience) than any objective review of their show.

Get this: Death Cab for Cutie is never going to play the rodeo, which has to bring in the most popular acts with the widest appeal. If you despise a band going into their show (and it sounds like most of the review was probably in your head before the first note was played), why bother?


Holy shit, HouPress: You seemed to have pissed off quite a legion. Hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned. Way to speak your mind. Look forward to seeing the aftermath of the next Justin Bieber concert. Heard tell he's the new hot abstinent piece of preteen jailbait ass. I'll be sure not to stand too close when the fanbomb-pocalypse goes off.

Not a teen girl

Snort: Hilarious how the fangirls come crawling out of the woodwork when anyone breathes a breath against their precious band. Suck it up, kiddos. Would the oh-so-pure Jo Bros like to see you acting like little e-thugs? What would Jonas do?! Try some real music, and you might realize that the Jonas Brothers are lacking. Horribly.


Haha: Just to let ya know, dumbass, they were living on food stamps before this record deal. How the hell did their money help? You didn't even get the setlist right. It's apparent you have a dislike for them, but there's absolutely no reason to rant on a public forum when clearly your facts aren't correct. They did an amazing job, and that is why they will stay around for a long time to come. So suck on that, Brandon.


The same songs: It's probably hard to get facts straight, especially in regards to song titles, when all songs sound exactly the same as one another. The songs don't matter when it's not about the songs. Then again, I've only heard every single song on multiple occasions for the past two years, thanks to my kids. Beautifully written, Brandon. Keep it up. And P.S.: I'm not going to let my daughters read this article.


Dog Gone

"That Big Bang of a Dog-Fighting Bust Turns into a Weak Whimper in the Courtroom," by Craig Malisow, Hair Balls blog, March 3:

No justice: I've received deferred adjudication for a traffic ticket. This means if I didn't get another ticket within one year, it wouldn't go on my record.

Dogfighters, who were caught red-handed at a fight, received deferred adjudication? So, not only did some of them not serve time, but it won't even go on their records? What kind of justice is that? What kind of deterrent is that?

No Kill Houston

A joke: I've known people who were put in jail for a week for not paying their traffic tickets, and these people get deferred adjudication without jail time? Who is the bigger threat in society, clearly sociopathic people who participate in dogfights, or someone who doesn't show up at the courthouse over running a red light? This is an affirmation that justice is a joke in this country.


Remember the dogs: Don't forget the real losers in all this — the dogs. After their miserable lives as fighters, they were turned over to the SPCA, where they were murdered for being pit bulls. Smith doesn't care about justice or dogs. She cares about the PR.

Meet Violet

Debating Doyle's

Online readers comment on "Meatball on 34th Street," by Robb Walsh, March 11:

Great review! These places vanish all the time and they shouldn't. Do what you do better than anyone else and don't try to play trendy. While I wouldn't cook that way myself, pouring sauce over pasta, I wouldn't say that invalidates the cooking. People like it, right? Keep going. Keep exploring and introducing new things, but don't undermine the stuff that got you there originally. It's a fine balance, and I think Robb's advice to the owner is correct: Be on top of things, improve, don't denigrate a tradition.

John Cage

Piss-poor: You really missed the mark on this one! Doyle's has some of the best pizza in the city and some damn fine sandwiches as well. You reviewed, what, the spaghetti (not bad, but also not really what it's famous for)? And then you dissed the owner. The people who work there all seem like family to me and are always super-friendly. Piss-poor review!



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