It's Knoll Design Day In Dallas, Home To The World's Most Famous Knoll

Press release headlines that maybe should have been rethought: "Mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, Declares March 5th Knoll Design Day."

In Dallas? Would that be a grassy knoll you're talking about?

"OK, Dallasites, we are looking for your best knoll designs!! Where to hide that third shooter? Where should all those Cubans go? March 5th is your day to decide!!"

Of course, in strict terms of president-killing effectiveness, the current and past design of the knoll has proven to be effective. If it's not broke, why fix it?

More boringly, Leppert has declared March 5 to be a day to revel in the utter, amazing glory of a new Knoll Design showroom that is opening in Dallas.

Because when you think Dallas, you think "knoll." And Oswald. And magic bullets. And....


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