It's Not Just A Bridge, It's A Living Bridge

You know what Memorial Park needs? A $4 million "living" bridge.

That's what city council thinks, at any rate -- they've approved spending $3 million in city funds to build it, with the rest coming from the Memorial Park Conservancy.

What's a "living bridge," you ask? And why does it cost so much?

A living bridge, as far as we can tell from the proposal, is a regular ol' pedestrian bridge that has a lot of grass and stuff growing -- not only where you walk -- but on the sides.

"The bridge will look like a natural trail," supporters say, apparently accustomed to"natural trails" that have two lanes of heavily traveled road underneath them.

The bridge is a small part of what the Conservancy hopes to accomplish in Memorial Park. And while we're all for park improvements, we have to admit we kinda like the scruffy, non-logo-emblazoned, low-key feel of Memorial Park just fine.

-- Richard Connelly


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