It's Official: Matt Schaub Out For The Year; Your New Backup QB Is...

You wont be seeing this for a while
You wont be seeing this for a while

The Houston Texans have made it official, placing quarterback Matt Schaub on the injured reserve list, meaning he's out for the rest of the season.

The Matt Leinart Era begins Sunday. And if Leinart gets hurt, or plays utterly Leinart-ly, and T.J Yates blows it? Your new backup QB is Kellen Clemens, the former Oregon Duck who hasn't done much in the NFL besides learn coach Gary Kubiak's offense at Washington, and that apparently was enough to make him the best of a not-inspiring tryout group of Chase Clement., Brodie Croyle, Trent Edwards and -- God help us -- Jeff Garcia.

Texan fans are putting their hopes that an improved defense and an impressive running game will make the switch to Leinart less devastating than initially thought.

It's possible, we suppose, but it's also...Matt Leinart. Who hasn't done anything since the Bush Push.

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