Captured after two decades on the run
Captured after two decades on the run
Photo courtesy FBI

Jacqueline LeBaron, Daughter Of Infamous Murdering Cult Leader, Is Back In Houston

The FBI has announced that they have captured Jacqueline LeBaron, who has been on the run for 22 years after a notorious series of killings ordered by her father, a bigamist cult leader.

The FBI received a tip LeBaron, daughter of Ervil LeBaron, was in El Paraisio, Honduras and arrested her there. She arrived in Houston 4:30 Thursday afternoon and is in federal custody.

"Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron was the sole remaining fugitive in this tragic case, and therefore this is a significant capture that should send a message to all fugitives from justice that the FBI and its partners in law enforcement remain committed to seeking justice no matter how long it may take," an FBI spokesperson said. (No one in the agency or the U.S. Attorney's office will comment further, the announcement said.

LeBaron was part of the infamous "4 o'clock murders" in Irving and Houston, where four former members -- including an 8-year-old child were gunned down in three separate locations.

Jacqueline LeBaron was indicted for conspiracy to commit murder for consideration; murder for consideration; conspiracy to tamper with a witness; tampering with a witness; use of a firearm during a crime of violence; conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs; obstruction of religious beliefs; RICO conspiracy, and RICO, the FBI says.

She was one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, the agency said.


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