Jane Draycott, Alleged HFD Harassment Victim: Still No Word About Shoplifting Charge

Jane Draycott, one of two women suing the Houston Fire Department over alleged sexual harassment, has discovered a spectacular way to sabotage her case: She's been arrested for trying to shoplift $300 in merchandise from a Walmart.

Reports indicate that Draycott was nabbed after she left the Spring store with a DVD player, some DVDs....and a bag of ice (WTF?). She hadn't paid for the items. She was also proudly sporting a HFD polo shirt at the time.

We've called her attorney in the civil-rights case, but have yet to hear back. HFD is expected to issue a statement sometime today.

The incident occurred about 9:30 last night, after Draycott had left her shift at a nearby fire station.

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She's now out on bond; she has no previous criminal history. If the allegations are true, she picked a hell of a time to begin one.

We'll update when we hear from the attorney or HFD.

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