Janice Guidry: 3-Month-Old Baby in Her Care Weighed Less Than Nine Pounds

Janice Guidry of Houston has been charged with endangering a child after a three-month-old girl in her care was found to be malnourished and suffering from physical trauma.

Court documents say that the child weighed about eight and a half pounds. Her legs were fractured.

The condition of the baby was discovered on a scheduled doctor's visit; Guidry was told the child needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. She promised to do so but didn't, which earned her a visit from CPS.

Hospital tests on the child's system were normal, court documents say, meaning her condition is likely the result of neglect rather than illness.

Guidry, 55, told investigators the leg injuries came from when she tripped carrying the child in a car seat down some steps, but court documents quote doctors saying that's unlikely.

And the child isn't even Guidry's -- she had taken over care of it from a woman named Twanda Cleveland, court documents say.

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