Jeffrey Klem

Online readers respond to "Sleepovers with Uncle Jeff," by Craig Malisow, October 18.

That's religion: I'm not surprised at this story at all. He's a doctor — no one will prosecute him on the word of children, even those now almost grown. He has too much influence, too much money. I could say more about the church, but there's no point. This is what I would expect at any church, of any religion. If one person is delusional, it's called insanity; if a group of people are delusional, it's called religion.

Don Dickerson


Jeffrey Klem

Report him: I am not certain how quickly the State Medical Board updates its records, but so far, nothing has been reported.

Blair Brininger

Telling the truth: This article should have been printed in the Beaumont Enterprise. Thanks for writing their story, for being brave enough to write it all out. The community needs to know the truth. It doesn't matter what your station is in life, your title, your wealth. A degree doesn't give a person a license to commit horrible acts and pay his way out. My heart breaks for these girls and what they have endured. I pray that they can one day move on with their lives and not let this ordeal define them.


No boundaries: It seems like the doctor's wife is an enabler in this. She was probably fondled by her father. The picture of the girls is one of emotional immaturity, which is common in these kinds of families. But what blows my mind is the whole thing started with the wife inviting an adolescent girl to sleep with her and her husband. These people are a textbook example of "lack of boundaries." They are so shamed by their religion, they don't know which way is up. They have to rely on authority figures to tell them what to do. Pastor Buck should be prosecuted for not reporting the allegations. He is legally required to do so.

Robin Frazier

Monster: The Beaumont Enterprise is not about to print this story. Jeffrey Klem is buying advertisement space from them for his new cardiology practice, which is accepting new patients. The group he was in must have kicked his sorry butt out.

The Texas Medical Board is aware of this. They have the wheels in motion to revoke his license to practice, but they said it could take months. That was their comment when the story of Klem's plea bargain and sentencing was printed in the Beaumont Enterprise.

The pastor/grandfather and the daughter/wife of the doctor/pedophile are both guilty, morally and/or legally. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are all child abusers. I think the wife of Dr. Klem probably is a victim of childhood molestation too, but that is no excuse. I don't care how many patients Klem has who think he's the greatest. They can have him. I would never let Klem treat me. I wouldn't care if he was the only cardiologist in town. That child-abusing, perverted molester will never touch me or any of my family members. A family member of mine was recently treated at a Beaumont hospital, and a cardiologist was needed. I wrote this down and left it for the physician: "Do NOT allow Jeffrey Klem to treat this patient. Any other cardiologist will do, but NOT KLEM."

Personally, I don't know how Kip Lamb can defend such despicable people. He has a daughter himself.

The church members are also pathetic. And to think they are financially supporting this heathen pastor. Klem will be shoveling coal in a furnace one day, along with Paw Paw and Sweetie.


Honest Ashlee: How sad that a man as talented as Klem is supposed to be would allow himself to do such a thing to innocent children. I have known Ashlee for ten years...and know her to be completely honest, so I have never doubted anything she said. I do doubt the sanity of Buck, his wife and Beth for standing with Klem, though, especially when he admitted the wrong. I'm frustrated that they held their peace and didn't end this years ago when it first came to their attention. There are many who will be affected by this. As a Pentecostal myself, I find the UPCI's hesitancy disturbing. Something has to be done — and not years from now. God bless these children!


Appalled: This is a sad, sad situation. The Beaumont and Houston media have ruined Dr. Klem. Therefore, he never stood a chance at a fair trail. Why would children want to continue to go to someone's house if he "molested" them? Is it because they were spoiled with expensive clothes, treated to fancy dinners, brought to get pedicures? This makes no sense to me. Also, if the parents knew of this for three years, why were the children allowed to go back there? Maybe Uncle Jeff and Aunt Beth were babysitters and were always reliable. Has anyone ever thought of that? This is an outrage. I am appalled at the stupidity of the people in this area. The truth will eventually come out, and justice will be served. God will be the ultimate punisher.


Biased: As someone who has often relied on the media for my information, I am here to say that is no longer the case because I have never in my life seen more biased reporting of "facts" without having equal representation from both sides. Anyone with the smallest amount of intelligence should realize that the press sensationalizes stories like these — especially when a church and religion are involved. I know it makes a good story to think that the people of New Life are brainwashed and part of a grand cover-up, it makes for a great Lifetime movie, but these are people's lives we are talking about. Just because someone's side has not been presented on the news does not mean there isn't one. Mr. Malisow, I suggest you take a job working for the National Enquirer.


Keep preaching: In my opinion, these people who are trying to destroy the church just want money. I would be interested in knowing their financial status. I would also be interested in knowing if these accusers have filed any other civil lawsuits in hopes of receiving money. Could it be that the accusers and their parents are the wrongdoers? According to the Beaumont news, a civil case against Pastor Buck and his church was filed before a criminal suit against Dr. Klem.

I really think that this whole case should be just a family issue. I feel sorry for Pastor Buck and his family. I can only imagine the pain that the media have caused his family and church. Pastor Buck, Dr. Klem, Dr. Klem's are very much in my thoughts and prayers. We will stand with you for truth to prevail. It is ironic that we only hear from the alleged victims, but we don't hear from you. Maybe it is because you are being Christ-like. I am sorry that your church, family and son-in-law are victims of a judicial system that does not work. Please do all of our communities a favor — please keep standing and preaching.



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