Jessica Tata's First Interview: "You Can Only Say Sorry So Many Times"

KTRK's Jessica Willey has scored the first

interview with Jessica Tata

, the owner of the daycare where four kids died in a fire.

Tata is in Harris County Jail and did not speak on camera, but Willey reports she said, "I'm doing well. I pray a lot" and she expressed remorse: "Sorry is not enough. You can only say sorry so many times."

Yeah, it must get boring.

Willey did say that Tata was "remorseful and struggling with how to express it," but then again it's unlikely she would have ripped her for a cold-blooded killer after getting her attorney to approve the interview.

Tata wouldn't speak about events on the day of the fire, like she was seen shopping shortly before it happened, or why she fled to Nigeria.

She faces four charges of murder.

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