Joel Osteen Becomes A Better Profile Subject

Unless you're a multi-millionaire -- or a business journalist happy that there's a new magazine being published -- you probably haven't heard of Portfolio.

It's a glossy, fancy mag put out by Conde Nast, offering in-depth profiles of business giants.

This month's stars: Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Osteen gives the magazine a ton of access, resulting in a glowing article describing the theology-lite church as a brand right up there with Oprah.

The article features a photo taken in the Osteens' home, described as "5,000 square feet of eopard-skinned luxury in one of Houston’s tonier neighborhoods."

Author Karl Taro Greenfeld says this: "Clearly, [Osteen] is more than just an inspiring pastor; he is also a master marketer and—pardon me for saying this, Joel—a damn good chief executive."

We're sure you'll be pardoned, dude.

-- Richard Connelly


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