John Edwards Denies Affair (Kind Of)

Former Senator, former (current?) veep candidate John Edwards was in town today for a meeting with ACORN, the organization that helps provide low-income housing.

He came to town in the wake of a National Enquirer report that he'd been caught by their reporters on a late-night hotel visit with an alleged paramour and the "love child" he'd purportedly fathered with her.

At a press conference, no one seemed anxious to ask about it. So we did.

At first Edwards seemed to pretend not to know what we were talking about, so we specified that we meant the Enquirer story.

"That's tabloid trash," he said. "They're full of lies. I'm here to talk about helping people."

Which, as we read it, doesn't really address the specific allegations. But we guess the "tabloid trash" label always works.

-- Blake Whitaker


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