Jonathan Foster: "Close "Family Friend" Arrested In Disappearance

Multiple media sources are reporting that HPD sources say an arrest has been made in the case of Jonathan Foster, the 12-year-old northside kid who went missing on Christmas Eve.

The Houston Chronicle says "a close family friend has been arrested and is expected to be charged with the kidnapping and murder" in the case.

Fox 26 says that besides that woman, already in custody, police a re looking for a man.

HPD says it still is not connecting the discovery of a burned child's corpse yesterday with Foster's disappearance, although efforts to identify that body continue.

The case has had some oddities since the beginning, including a lapse of time between Christmas Eve and when an Amber Alert was issued.

HPD has said it needed to interview people close to Foster to resolve conflicts in their stories. Officers told the Chron "they delayed the alert because they felt parents were not giving the full story regarding their son's disappearance."

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