Josh Daniel Goes From Houston Press To Hillary Clinton's Speechwriter

Josh Daniel: From the Press to some government job

In a huge step down that can only be seen as evidence of incredible drug abuse or chronic ineptitude, a former

Houston Press

copy editor has become the new chief speechwriter for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Josh Daniel, who had been working as an advocacy director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (again, clearly his career path has been downhill since leaving us) will be Clinton's director of speechwriting.

As a result, he will be crafting the words of which every slight nuance will be microscopically examined all over Earth, much as it was in the days when he was a copy editor here.

Daniel's LinkedIn resume proudly describes his stint here in fulsome and glowing language:

Copy editor
Houston Press

(Philanthropy industry)
1993 -- 1994 (1 year )

Upcoming Events

We have no idea what "philanthropy industry" means in this context, but we'll take it as a compliment.

The Press began publishing in 1989, but New Times (now Village Voice Media) took over in 1996. No one around here now was working for the Press in 1993, so we can't express an opinon on whether Daniel is qualified to propagate America's worldview to diplomats, or whether he even worked here at all or for some publication in the philanthropy industry.

From here, the career, as we say, went decidedly downhill -- stints at Texas Monthly, which we've never heard of, and managing editor at Slate, which is one of those "web" things that are currently a fad, and the Gates Foundation, and now the State Department.


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