Just Playing

Just Playing

Online readers comment on "Game On," by Craig Malisow, July 14:

Losers: Gambling — games for people who believe the laws of mathematics do not apply to them.

Richard Doll

Stupid Tax: Like the state lottery, people who play these machines are paying their own "Stupid Tax" — let 'em play all they want.


The Slut Walk

A lot of our online readers joined in a debate about clothes and rape in their comments on "SlutWalk Spills Stripper Heels, Rape Survivors into the Streets" by Mandy Oaklander, July 11:

By the book: Rape is rape. Coming from a woman and a mother of two teenage daughters — if you dress like a slut, you're asking for unwanted attention. Respect yourselves.

Literally, the definition of slut is: noun 1. a dirty, slovenly woman. 2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.

If you dangle cheese in front of a mouse, the mouse isn't going to respect the cheese's right to be cheese...it's going to eat that cheese up. Women, grow up. Put on some clothes and have some self-respect. If you want to dress like a slut, pay the consequences...especially me calling your nasty selves out.

Mommie Dawn

PJs and Cammies: A person's clothing doesn't have much to do with whether or not they get raped.  The Slutwalk featured several rape survivors, one of whom was a child wearing pajamas and another who was wearing a military uniform.  Furthermore, clothing doesn't ask for anything.


Skank detector? How do you tell if someone is a "skank"? I would really like to know.  I have been judged the majority of my life simply because of the way I developed ( quite young and very obviously ). I was not able to dress like the majority of the girls my age simply because I was told that I would attract the wrong kind of attention. It didn't matter anyway, because I still attracted the wrong kind of attention from men who were much older than I was, and it scared me to death. No matter what I wore, I still had men who wanted to know if they were "real." Try dealing with being treated like a "slut" simply because of what mother nature gave you and then go on to judge other women because of the way they dress.  I know of a good number of women who dress very simply and plainly and yet they are the "skankiest" of creatures,  and I know of a good number of women who dress for attention, yet they are some of the most modest of people.  There are times when you simply can't tell.  As my mother always taught me, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Try giving it a rest, dress the way you feel and try not to judge other women so much.


Making a statement: The SlutWalk was organized to make a statement about victim blaming, to make people in our community aware of the harm statements like "Well, she should not have been walking to her car alone so late at night" or "She should not have been wearing that shirt" do to a victim of sexual assault.  If an individual is intent on sexually assaulting someone, they will; it does not matter what clothes the victim is wearing or where he or she is at the time the victimization occurs.  I thought the event went really well, it was a very nice turnout and the community was very supportive during the walk.

Allie Kay

R.I.P. Chadd Thomas

Online readers weighed in with their remembrances in response to "Rockabilly Musician Chadd Thomas Found Dead in South Austin" by William Michael Smith, July 12:

Best jokes: Chadd, I just keep remembering you had the best jokes, buddy! I will miss them. The world has lost such a great person. You were so friendly to everyone. How could someone hurt someone like you? I feel so lucky I got to know you briefly and became good friends in passing. I wish there was more of it. I will miss you, thank you for being so special to me.


Big heart: I booked Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings at our Club Nuno's...he was the nicest man, with a big heart!! So sad, and I pray that a benefit will be very successful for his daughter.

RIP ROCKABILLY KING!!!! You will be missed...

Angie Lester Vasconcellos

Terrible news: Man, that's terrible.  I used to see Chadd and his band a lot back when he was here in Houston, remember when he was a waiter at the Mucky Duck, unfortunately had not seen him in a long time, now will not get to again.

Vernon Williams

Moving Violations

And our online story "The Match.com Page for the Annoying, Tailgating A-Hole, If He Were Honest" by Richard Connelly, July 8, sparked a lot of storytelling among our readers:

Paying Attention: I've noticed two kinds of drivers down here: Those who pay attention and see faster traffic approaching and move right, and those who drive 15 miles under the speed limit in the left lane and speed up only when others try to pass them on the right. I think there are more people out there that move out of the way than those who purposely try to piss everyone off. It's just we remember the asshole drivers way more than the polite and courteous drivers.

I will admit, nothing irks me more than someone texting on their phone or putting on makeup driving well under the posted speed in the left lane. When they get passed, they magically are ready to tailgate you the rest of the way to work/home because all of a sudden, 75 mph isn't fast enough.


Grannygate: One thing is for sure, I'm not moving to the right just so the jerk behind me can tailgate the granny in front of me.


Foresight: Anyone who decides to tailgate is an idiot, period. There's a little thing called "foresight" most Texans don't seem to have. You're in a rush? That's great. Your rush doesn't mean sh*t when your vehicle is rolling because you failed to realize you are not the only idiot who feels more like a man while tailgating.

L Michele


In last week's music feature on Dave Alvin ("Half a Paycheck," by William Michael Smith, July 21), we said Dave Alvin's band the Blasters covered Dwight Yoakam's "Long White Cadillac." It's the other way around: Alvin wrote the song, which Yoakam covers on his 2002 compilation Reprise Please Baby and continues to perform in concert.

The Houston Press regrets the error.


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