Kelechi Ogbaa: His One-Year-Old Kid Eats His Weed Stash, Hilarity Does Not Ensue

No one wants to face charges or be convicted of something terrible-sounding like "endangering a child."

But Kelechi Ogbaa is facing just those charges, because while he was taking a nap his one-year-old daughter somehow ingested some of his weed.

It did not produce a viral YouTube video of a giggly toddler: Instead, the child "began screaming and crying" in her sleep and couldn't be waked up, KPRC says.

Her mother took her to a hospital, where tests showed the kid had marijuana in her system.

The mother had been out of the house and Ogbaa, 22, was tasked with watching the child, who was sleeping.

When the screaming began, KPRC says, "Ogbaa could not explain it and said the baby had apparently eaten marijuana while he was napping."

Child-proofing, dude. Check into it.

Court documents say he recklessly endangered the health of the child, a state jail felony.

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