Lance Taylor: Accused of Biting Off Most of Roommate's Nose in Saturday Morning Fight

Lance Taylor: Nobody nose the trouble I've seen.
Lance Taylor: Nobody nose the trouble I've seen.
Trinity PD

A 24-year-old Trinity, Texas, man was arrested after turning the apartment he shared with his 18-year-old roommate into a scene from a zombie flick.

Police there say that early on Saturday morning, the male victim got up to go to work but instead got into an argument with Taylor, who is also the brother of his girlfriend. Taylor was squabbling with the woman over money and car keys, and the victim rallied gallantly to his lover's defense.

Whereupon Taylor wrestled him to the floor, held him down and bit off a chunk of his nose. Like, a lot of it.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones told KTRE that Taylor chomped off every part of the man's nose that was not made of bone.

The mangled nose was recovered and it was sent along with the victim to a Tyler emergency room, where doctors were able to reattach it. The man was released from the hospital the following day.

Taylor faces a charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm.

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