Last Day to Vote for the Astrodome As a National "Place That Matters"

Is the Dome worthy of a click?
Is the Dome worthy of a click?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is running the 2011 edition of its "This Place Matters" competition, where voters support local sites worthy of saving.

Getting a big push this time around is the Astrodome, thanks to the folks at Houston Mod, which celebrates all things Mad Men-ish.

"How many buildings have been the site of a Mickey Mantle home run, welcomed the Gemini astronauts and hosted a concert by Judy Garland with The Supremes all during their opening year? Just one that we know of -- Houston's Astrodome," the group says.

Voting ends today. You've got to register to do it, but we know people are passionate about the Dome.

The Dome is going up against 99 other places. If it wins, Houston Mod gets $25,000 to further its preservation efforts.

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