Last Night: Txt Me L8r at the HCP

Last night’s Txt Me L8r event at the Houston Center for Photography brought out voyeurs galore.

Mark C. Austin
Click here for a slideshow.

Photos were projected on a large screen in the middle of the main room, rotating through different artists’ interpretations of commands sent by text message. A prompt to “photograph the next body of water you see,” for example, resulted in shots of a lake, a puddle, a bathtub, a dirty dish, and a Diet Coke can. Other prompts yielded similarly all-over-the-map results.

Everyone at the event formed tight semi-circles around the front and back of the screen, soaking in the rotating images and sucking down the beer and wine on hand. It truly was a see-and-be-seen kind of event, especially because of what was going down in the back room, where another screen was set up with a Flickr-based slideshow rolling through images taken by people at the actual event and uploaded via camera-phone. Everyone (who had a camera-phone, at least) got to take part in what became an impromptu reality-TV environment.

And now the Houston Press presents this slideshow of the event, adding another layer of technology on top. – Keith Plocek


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