Layoff Tales From The Chron

The layoff tales are spreading from 801 Texas, home of the Houston Chronicle.

Here's one. A former copy editor relates her day:

my favorite part of the whole experience was being greeted with an offhand joke about copy editors by the bigwig who told me my copy editing job was being eliminated.

 or maybe it was being shuffled off to an office with an "outplacement specialist" who peppered me with questions about what other jobs i might want right after being given the news.

or maybe it was being interrupted after i was "given a moment" for bursting into tears in front of said specialist, only to be walked in on by the next fired person (i guess it's hard to keep track of everyone with so much traffic through human resources).

no, no... my favorite part was definitely listening to two human resources ladies cattily discussing how "awkward" laying people off was, not two feet away from me, while i waited by the elevators to be escorted out like a criminal.

Gee, sounds like fun.

There's no good way to do these layoffs, but obviously there's also a bad way.

We also liked the featured section on the front of the Chron's web page last night: "Some Ideas For A New Career."

It featured a picture of a guy with a surfboard and the caption "One woman says he'll hit the beach." It also had a headline noting "Times Even Tough In The Condom Biz."

So rest assured they're still thinking of you, laid-off Chron guys and gals.


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