Layoffs and Buyouts at the Houston Chronicle

News is starting to seep out about the cutbacks at the Houston Chronicle. As with any cutbacks, the news is not good.

Management had announced a five-percent cut in what it termed a “position-elimination program” (We can imagine the “We’re Full of PEP!!!” motivational memos); buyouts were also offered.

Among the familiar names taking the buyouts are Louis B. Parks of the features section and Salatheia Bryant and Melanie Markley of the news side.

Among those leaving in a less voluntary manner are Steve McVicker, the former Houston Press reporter who’s been bird-dogging the HPD crime-lab scandal, and Thomas Korosec, the former Dallas Observer reporter who has been the Chron’s Dallas bureau.

Here’s hoping everyone lands on their feet. More info as it arrives. – Richard Connelly


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