It's twue! It's twue!
It's twue! It's twue!

Let the PerryMania Begin!!

Everyone is reporting it: Rick Perry's spokesman says he will announce his intent to run for president this weekend.

The suspense is over!!

It looks like he'll announce it in visits to the early primary states of South Carolina and New Hampshire, according to the Associated Press, which got the scoop.

Let the PerryMania begin, is all we can say. Our bets are totally on a magnificent implosion, either in the primaries or (heaven help us) the general election, but there is no doubt it will be entertaining.

Expect the invasion of the media hordes; the Guardian in the UK spent some time in Perry's hometown of Paint Creek for this profile. Convenience stores in the tiny town rejoice!

We assume the visiting journalists will keep in mind the tips for Yankee political reporters from Texas Monthly's Paul Burka.


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