Safety 101

TSU security concerns: I'm a student who attends Texas Southern University. I thought this story ["Books, Bullets and Guns," by Mosi Secret, March 17] was a wake-up call. Thanks for writing about it. Some of the things in your story I didn't even know until I read them, and it makes me so upset that my own school is trying to cover up things that we should know.

I think my school really needs to clean up its act before another person or persons are in danger.

Shaneka Griffin

Look at the neighborhood: After reading "Books, Bullets and Guns" by Mosi Secret, I feel like TSU is responsible for Ashley Sloan's death. I feel like this article should go in depth as to why a "university" would have such violence.

Can we blame it on the community? Can we say that if the campus was located in Rice Village that this tragedy would still have happened? I don't know, but there are so many factors here that go beyond security.

I have met security guards who don't get involved, point-blank. And if I were a guard, that would be my mentality. Truth is, TSU should have better security, but we are in the state of Texas and Mr. Secret's reality news will always be shunned and turned with a blind eye.

It's the only state where the news is watered down, and the only other paper to compete with the dreadful Chron is the Houston Press!

I also think the TSU security issues can be blamed on one problem: "Brown people" don't know how to act! I'm a brown person myself and let's face it, whether you are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or Caribbean, we don't know how to get our acts straight, especially being put into an area called "The Third Ward." I automatically think of prison or a mental institution.

I commend you for putting the spotlight on TSU, but in the Third Ward, "Brown people" are meant to fail by American society. We are being corralled like animals into one area (any of the wards in Houston and all of America), where society doesn't care what happens. When you show the negatives, they just click the remote to another channel or turn to the sports pages. Isn't that the way this generation does it?

TSU will always have security issues.

Sidhi Rahm

Curb the Abuses

Perry Homes problem: I purchased a new Perry Homes town home at Park Square in the Heights in March 2004, so "The Dead Zone" feature [by Josh Harkinson, February 24] hit close to home.

New, private concrete streets and curbs were installed by Perry Homes immediately prior to the home construction. By May, our homeowner's association (HOA) had received numerous complaints, including mine, about the curbs cracking severely and crumbling off in large chunks into the streets throughout Park Square.

Our HOA met with a Perry Homes representative on May 14 to show him the deplorable condition of the curbs, hoping for their replacement. Perry had already patched the curbs and they held up for less than a month. Several months later, a Perry Homes executive informed our HOA in writing that Perry Homes would not replace or repair the curbs, since their engineering consultant said the curbs were adequate.

My homeowner's warranty with Perry Homes expired on March 1, 2005. So in February, I explained to Perry Homes that I expected the curbs in front of my house to be replaced under my warranty.

In response, Perry Homes' president wrote that the curb damage "is typical for a developing subdivision and that there is nothing inherently wrong structurally that would require wholesale replacement of the curbs." He further stated that the curbs are not under warranty and that the curbs are the responsibility of the HOA.

He is telling me that, even though the Homeowner's Association had tried for months to get Perry Homes to replace the curbs! He ends this inane letter to me with, "Because your satisfaction is important to us, we regret the tenor of your recent communications. However, we do not believe the facts require any further action from Perry Homes."

Perry Homes has successfully ripped off all Park Square property owners. Perry Homes installed the hideously defective curbs and states in writing, that a year after installation there is nothing wrong with them.

I would certainly never recommend that anyone buy from Perry Homes. Thanks for exposing them for what they are.

Drew Dean

Chapped by the Char?

Laid to waste: It's time I gave the Houston Press my thank you for the tips on "where to go to pick up chicks" and the Web sites to check out to "get involved with someone" [New Year's Resolution Guide, "I Resolve to Get Laid," by Brian McManus, January 20].

The places mentioned such as La Strada, Berryhill Baja Grill, Numbers and Downtown Cabo look inviting -- except for the Char Bar. I don't know what patrons "see" in the Char Bar?!

Thanks again,

Edward Lara

Green Eggs Rap

Missing Anglo masters: So, D.X. Ferris, the small batch of white rappers you have listed is most impressive ["Whitey on the Mike," March 10], but you have missed a few in the journey of the white rapper.

Two I can think of that have shaped that community are Snow, who I believe is still in jail in Florida, and MC 900 Ft. Jesus, who I believe was a great pre-cursor for today's white rapper. He used beats and songs that had not been explored by mainstream rap for his time.

Everyone thinks that a white rapper is a new thing, but any white guy who can't sing just has to learn to talk like Dr. Seuss and fast, and what do you know! He's a rapper.

I would love to see a list of the top 100 white rappers, or maybe the top 25.

J. Vogt

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