Go Green, HISD

Respect the past: I'm a junior at HSPVA who is very interested in the issue of the new school ["On Shaky Grounds," by Keith Plocek, December 30]. I am aware that there are a multitude of issues regarding its choice of energy and the possibility of a Civil War graveyard.

I believe that some of the choices of HISD, especially in knocking down historical houses unique to the Fourth Ward and its culture, were rash.

I am grateful to the writer of this article for helping spread information. I think that for officials to be more fully respectful, any bodies found shouldn't necessarily be moved, and a prominently placed memorial should be erected to respect those who fought for our country.

Through activist Lenwood Johnson I have been notified that HISD's energy choices could be failing to reduce utility and operation costs by 54 percent, and failing to help reduce greenhouse gases and global warming.

It seems to me that a "green" school is not really very controversial; only the price is. Mr. Johnson states that an initial cost increase of 2 to 5 percent is expected when building green, but this is paid off within four to nine years from utility cost savings.

Name withheld by request

Exposing the truth: Thanks much for the article exposing issues not exposed in the mainstream media. It is refreshing to find media who recognize the importance of matters affecting black people and their neighborhoods.

Joan Edwards

Big Game Hunting

Halo 2 sucks: Halo 2 is a mere shadow of its former self ["The Halo Challenge," by Paul Kix, January 6]. The game has been dumbed down so that even a retarded, paralyzed chimp could play it and do decently well. Halo 1 was a far better game because it required something that no one cares about anymore: skill.

Halo 2 has been reformatted from a game requiring strategy, and sometimes hours of grinding between two teams in a game of capture the flag, to a wannabe, letdown piece of shit resembling a cheap knock-off of Unreal Tournament.

You mentioned that Matt Leto finds and exploits glitches in games. In any real game, this would be considered cheating and would be grounds for forfeiting the tournament. Bug abusing is no different from using external aimbot/radar programs, in many people's eyes, yet you praise him for this.

Instead of focusing on this "athlete" for Halo 2, why don't you write one on a game worth mentioning, such as Tactical Operations, Unreal Tournament or Counter Strike? Real games that require skill.

As they say in the world of gaming, STFU NOOB.

Name withheld by request

Tow Rapping

No freeway answer: Just about the time you think a city official is not screwing up too bad, or maybe even doing a half-decent job, they go and do something to prove you wrong [Hair Balls, "Screwed," January 13]. This new six-minute highway-robbery rule has got to be the single most bone-headed idea any mayor has ever had.

When someone is killed attempting to push their car off the freeway because they can't afford the extortion money, maybe then it'll be realized that this ain't the answer. George Burns once quipped, "Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are too busy cutting hair and driving taxis." I do neither, but it does make me miss Lee Brown.

Ray Coleman

Shooting Back

Pink Pistols' defense: Allow me to address some mischaracterizations in "In the Pink" [by Mosi Secret, January 6].

Ray Hill's quote that Pink Pistols bored everyone by talking about reloading is at best confused. The Pink Pistols members that participated on Han-Net did not and do not reload, and no one can remember talking about it. What Hill did say was that if gays armed themselves there would be "shoot-outs at every intersection." That hasn't occurred. I would hold my breath waiting, but I don't look good in that color blue.

The subheadline that suggests that Pink Pistols targets gays and lesbians is ludicrous. Pink Pistols offers what we consider a better alternative to gay-bashing and other crimes perpetrated against gays. Pink Pistols recommends that gays obtain a concealed-carry license.

Pink Pistols does promote lawful armed gay self-defense. If several individuals approach with baseball bats, chains or boards, the police won't be there to help you. No disrespect to the police, but they have their hands full. If people are attacking you, it's a strong bet you will have a vested interest in the outcome.

Pink Pistols has no dispute with Q-Patrol. Any alert eyes are better than none. My quote that "gays aren't interested in joining Pink Pistols" leaves out some information. I also said that gays in Texas probably grew up with firearms and probably already know how to shoot. My comment "They give in to the gay stereotype of weakness" had to do with how gay predators view the gay community.

Gays are seen as weak, defenseless and loaded with cash, hence easy marks. I also used the "weak gay stereotype" as an indicator that the current gay leadership needs their constituents -- for want of a better term -- barefoot and pregnant. If gays can "do it for themselves," then the gay leadership has to find something else to do.

Also, the session was held at the 59 Gun Range because other ranges used by Pink Pistols would not allow access to newswriters or photographers.

Finally, that "frighteningly hacking cough" I had is now gone. I am "in the pink" in more ways than one.

See you at the range.

Ken Polk

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