Food for Thought

A balance for good: The people of Food Not Bombs truly exemplify giving-from-the-heart, without counting the cost -- which is perhaps why they receive "rewards" in their lives ["Free Lunch," by Keith Plocek, November 25]. They have learned that axiomatic Rule of the Universe that also contributes to keeping our world in balance on that perilous knife-edge between good and devastation.

Each act we commit can tip the scale in either direction. As one who counts street people as friends, having fed them weekly for 14 years, I've seen the reflected glow of human caring within the eyes of those who receive FNB offerings on Wednesdays under the bridge. Sadly, it is those who oppose FNB who stand to learn the most from them about sacrifice, generosity and reward.

Jay Hamburger

Answers to Art

Seen on the street: Interesting article ["Bombs Away," by Keith Plocek, December 9]. Now I know what the hell is going on with all the posters and different artworks around the 'hood.

And now I know what the woman "with seductive parted lips" is about -- it ain't Michael Jackson or one of Charles Manson's underlings. We just couldn't figure it out.

Grace Taupo

Split Decisions

Divorce lessons: Thank you for the article ["The Prince of Perjury Palace," by Sarah Fenske, October 7]. Johnna Teal was my opposing lawyer. As a single dad who loves and cares for his son dearly, I would like to add what I learned from my divorce case:

The whole intent of any lawyer is to win, no matter what. Lawyers will not try to help you if they think they will not win. They will take your money and try to sway you into what they believe will happen. Lawyers are mostly right in doing this to protect their court win-loss score sheet, if you will.

Nothing else matters but money and possessions. Children do come up, but that is all printed out in a standard child-support manual the lawyers keep on hand. If the mom and dad have been civil, the only things to discuss are child support, health insurance and visitation.

Instead of enduring marriage counseling, my wife opted for divorce. She was awarded custody; I got the house. I cried in court for my son, but because my lawyer convinced me we would not win my young son, I never spoke to the judge on my behalf.

Now that it is settled, I did get expanded visitation and have a great relationship with my son. I am a good daddy, and my ex-wife is a good mommy.

Thanks for exposing something wrong in our court system. I have no ill feelings toward Ms. Teal. I wish her the best and thank her for her work on my ex-wife's behalf.

Raymond Quinones Jr.

True Grits

Critics don't count: I'm always amused when reading letters to your paper complaining about something one of your critics has written. Some people get so upset just because some other person doesn't like a CD, or thinks some food place was crappy, or thought a movie was bad, etc.

Come on, people, it's just one guy's opinion. Who cares? Who really cares if Robb Walsh likes Waffle House or not? I love their grits; that's my opinion. Best grits on the planet. What makes him right? Or any "critic"?

I enjoy reading John Nova Lomax, but I don't give a flip whether he likes the Ramones. I love the Ramones. Who says that these guys' opinions count more than anybody else's? I know what I like. I don't need some film critic to tell me if I thought a film was good or not.

It's like watching the president give a speech, and right afterward you have all these jacklegs trying to tell you what you just heard, and what they think it means to you. I heard the speech; I don't need anyone to tell me if it was good or not, or what the president meant. I've watched movies that I enjoyed very much, even though my satellite company gave them one or one and a half stars.

My point is that these people are in the industry, learned and experienced, but their opinion is just that: their opinion.

Maybe they just enjoy pissing people off. Well, don't let it get your underwear in a bunch.

Those that can, do; those that can't, teach. Those that can't do or teach are critics.

K. Travis Smith
Montgomery, Texas

Love and Dislikes

Explanations, please: So the NAACP decided to support an immigrant from Nicaragua over a citizen of color, without investigating the facts of the situation ["Worker Benefits?" by George Flynn, December 9]. Looks like the legal department of the NAACP has their heads up their butts with no intent of pulling out.

The invoice for work performed by Elease Love's husband and the response from the NAACP just proves that the group thinks they have no responsibility to the public to answer questions -- or tell the truth about their actions in support of Love's husband or actions against Love herself.

I hope Love wins out.

Jim Yarbray

Tuned In

Life after KLOL: Thank you for the Racket column on KLOL [by John Nova Lomax, November 18].

It was nice to read a more intelligent reaction to the recent change at KLOL that wasn't filled with the racist and xenophobic sentiments that I have read elsewhere on the Net.

I'm not much of a hip-hop fan, but I wouldn't mind the more "intelligent" end of it mixed in with some rock and roll, and I think the type of radio station you describe could have some potential and would at least give me something of interest to listen to on the commercial FM dial.

KRBE already does this with mainstream pop, rock and rap, so it isn't too far of a stretch to say that this format could work for the "alternative" audience as well.

James "Jimmy Cinnamon Roll" Hammonds Jr.


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