Rally Killer

No-show 'Stros: Praise the Lord! Someone else who thinks Roger Clemens is an arrogant -- though talented -- asshole! Enjoyed your take on the Astros season ["Curses Again," by Richard Connelly, October 28].

The so-called Astros rally on October 25 confirmed my suspicions that they couldn't give a rat's ass about their fans. I skipped lunch along with 2,000 other people, some of whom took their kids out of school, and stood in the heat for what? Four lousy Astros? Where was the love? Clemens and several other players live in Houston, but I guess it would have been too big a hassle to change their tee time and attend the rally. All they had to do was stand there for an hour and receive adulation from people who coughed up a lot of dough for season tickets, playoff games, outrageously expensive beer, etc. -- and who actually believed in them, for chrissakes!

I wasn't the only one disappointed by the poor turnout, but I was indignant enough to e-mail the Astros to complain. I wonder how many others raised similar hell.

Lisa Garvin

Beantown hex: I'd rather wait on the Astros' bandwagon than wait on Boston's!

I predict a new Boston curse: doubled, to 172 years. They'll be lucky to win another World Series by 2176 -- fitting for the quadricentennial of the United States. You can tell Captain Kirk I said so.

W. Malloy

Aero heads: Finally, someone in Houston who hasn't strayed from sanity and can tell it like it is.

The fair-weather-fan attitude has never been more evident as it was this baseball postseason. Give me a break! I'm a Pittsburgh transplant and still manage to support our suck baseball team. No wonder Houston is on its second professional football team.

Don't get me wrong, I support Houston's sports franchises by attending games, although I'm not an Astros, Texans or Rockets fan, never have been. Aeros, now that's a different story, but Houston still has a lot to learn about hockey. It's funny how many "fans" show up on bobblehead nights, though!

Actually, I hope it doesn't leak out that the Aeros are the best bang for the buck because the true fans and season ticket holders know what the fair-weathers are missing. Kudos for your article, and shame on Houston's fair-weathers!

Sean Phillips

Good and Gay

Relationship ways: To the confused "fella" in "The Reorient Express" [by Craig Malisow, October 14]: You are quoted as saying you haven't had a relationship yet with a female, but you hope it would be a wonderful part of life. And your experience with gay sex was always "What can I get out of it?" Could that be because you're kind of self-involved? I'm not judging, just reading between the lines.

And how can you believe that heterosexual sex is all that if you haven't had it yet? Sweetheart, if you're still questioning yourself, how do you know you aren't just flat-out gay? Denial is such a bitch, we know.

We know many saved and monogamous homosexuals. Not every homosexual parties all night and sleeps around, like not every heterosexual does. You have control over that. Because you wound up drunkenly, immaturely and prematurely sleeping with a man is no reason to say homosexuality is wrong.

As lesbians, we are sick and tired of everyone who tries to deny us our right to life, equality, religion and Christ because they can't understand us. Exodus sounds more like a cult trying to brainwash people into believing their homosexuality can be changed with a snap of the fingers. In certain situations, people grow up thinking their abuse is a normal way of life, and that is why they are homosexual. That thinking is wrong and distorted. You might just need professional help to get to the root of the abuse.

Homosexuality is not a choice. Who the hell would choose to be bashed, prejudiced against, hated and told we're doomed to hell?

No one in their right mind would "choose" pain like that. As partners, we were outraged at the Exodus. We are created in the image of Christ as the way He/She chose for us to be. God loves us the way we are. By the way, how the hell exactly is homosexuality like adultery?

Arnita and Jennifer Rojas-Seals

Proud of his preference: There is no doubt that the exploitation of fear in an already marginalized sector of our society is an effective way of recruiting people to "trade in their sex life for eternal life." Just look at how Islamic jihad, Hamas and Abu Nidal exploit the weakness, suffering, depravation and ignorance of others to sacrifice their lives for eternal sex. Note: There's always sex in the equation somewhere.

Parasites thrive on the desperation and vulnerability of others, and organizations like the Exodus Ministry are no different. Gay Americans have every right to feel honored to be who they are, and organizations like Exodus should be routinely exposed for perpetuating discrimination and fanning the flames of hatred and ignorance. If a gay person is having conflicts about his sexual orientation, he should seek the aid of a psychiatric professional, not a faith healer, witch doctor or "ministry" with keys to the Pearly Gates passing out flyers on Montrose and Westheimer.

Jay Rusovich

Creativity Myth

Media ready: I thought Sarah Fenske's article on Ted Poe's handling of the Hubacek case was fantastic ["After Oprah," October 7]. Poe likes to tout his creative sentencing and claims that he will bring his "innovative approach" to Washington if he wins a seat in Congress. The reality is that out of the 25,000 cases assigned to Poe's court, fewer than 100 were disposed of with so-called creative sentences.

Poe was heavily criticized by fellow judges and Republicans for media "grandstanding" and was labeled "Mr. 60 Minutes" by Paul Donnelly, the head of the Harris County Adult Supervision and Corrections Department.

If the Hubacek case is indicative of the kind of success that Poe had with his "creative sentencing," then he should keep his "innovative" methods out of Washington and out of Congress.

Lauren Copeland

Off-Tweet Riding

Not for the birds: The people who criticize ATVs are the same people who have nothing better to do than argue about something they know nothing about ["Keeping It Real," by Margaret Downing, September 16].

I've been riding the creeks all my life, and if you rode you would know that every time it floods and the creek gets high, the sand gets moved around so much that all the tracks disappear. After the water recedes, you would never know that there had been someone riding in that area before.

The last thing on our minds is hearing some birds while in the woods. And if you fish Spring Creek and eat what you catch, then you got something wrong with you. I'm one of the 100 members of the South Texas Quad Racing Association, and everyone likes to do a little trail riding. Don't hate the things you know nothing about.

Mark Elliott

Chain Challenged

Très Trevísio: Sorry, I don't like the Olive Garden, and I don't like Chick-fil-A ["Cooked Book," by Josh Harkinson, October 21]. You want to enjoy a fabulous dinner at a fabulous restaurant, try Trevísio atop the McGovern Building in the Medical Center. And Zula isn't bad, either.

Arlene Cooley
Taylor Lake Village

The Cost of Killing

Derf doubter: As a longtime reader, I find myself both loving and at the same time hating the Press. Primarily I love the great information on places to eat, places to go and even most of the government and political stories.

What I hate is the purely liberal slant of all the political cartoons. Derf [The City, October 7] pulled numbers like $300 billion out of the air for the cost of the Iraq war. Even the libs stated it was $200 billion, which is correct only if you include the $80 billion projected for next year. These guys, much like the rest of the liberal left -- CBS and Dandy Dan Rather, Michael Moore ad nauseam -- have no problem just making this crap up as they go.

The good news is, the libs are done in this country for at least the next decade. There is good reason the terrorists back Kerry: They know Bush says what he means and means what he says.

Greg Christeson

Crack Endorsement

Divine dumplings: Having gone to high school in that area, I found out about Lai Lai's and Santong Snacks early on, and appreciated them long before they became "trendy" ["Dumpling Democracy," by Robb Walsh, October 21]. I could be on crack, but I think that Santong Snacks still has some of the best damn dumplings in this city. While a part of me cringes to know that my favorite place is being taken over by more white people, it's great to see it get some recognition, even if it is a hole-in-the-wall that uses fatty meat (which makes it taste soooo good).

I'd like to say that I firmly stand beside you in your claim. (And I even like the simple make-your-own sauce. Nothing to me tastes as good as some soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil.)

Rowen d'Morgainne

Shock Absorber

Well done: Outstanding work. Well written, kind, courteous and an excellent response to an impudent restaurant owner ["Osso Buco Me? Osso Buco You!" by Robb Walsh, September 16].

As a former critic (Orange County, California), I can understand your shock over the osso buco and at the owner's comments. Your response -- measured, clear and not insulting -- is a tribute to excellent criticism.

Dick Doyle
Las Vegas

Galley Slaves

Double duty: You forgot to mention that the Lancaster [Dish, by Brian McManus, October 21] also let most of its kitchen cleanup crew go, and those duties also became the responsibilities of the chefs! Disgusting.

Tracey Freezia

Musical Messages

Politics and song: I, probably being the biggest Morrissey fan to date, do not think it matters what a bunch of right-wing conservatives think about Morrissey, and his opinions about America, and its state ["We're Not the World," by Brian McManus, October 28]. Morrissey is far too intelligent of an artist to be dismissed by the likes of them! Let them discuss Eminem or Britney Spears and their political agenda. By the way, what is their political point of view?

And I don't think it's dangerous for Morrissey to express such strong views about America when they are all true!

Jose Acosta

Truth seeker: Outstanding review and honesty for the mature person seeking fact and truth. I love the ending of the article!

Oliver Villegas
San Antonio


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