On with the Show

Dialing in to dance music: I liked your article on house music ["House Music Scratches for a New Vibe," by Michael Serazio, May 6]; it gave a good background on how the dance-music scene in Houston has changed and matured since its beginnings. But I feel that you missed some key elements:

Radio support for dance music came from KTRU, through Chris Anderson's radio show in the early '90s, and then through the MK Ultra show for nine more years. MK Ultra was a major influence in the scene, averaging 150,000 listeners per week. I should know; I was the third and final host. Plus there was/is Soular Grooves, which has been on air at KPFT/90.1 since 1998.

Your feature leaves the reader thinking that the scene went through all the changes and we ended up with only Rent. It is worthy of praise, but you needed to add just one sentence that said something like there are lots of other local DJs/crews/groups doing a lot of other cool house music events. That would be more realistic and sufficient.

I don't want to talk a lot of trash, because your article was a difficult subject to write about and I know you can't please everyone. But you can see how defeatist it is for all the other house DJs (myself included) who try so hard and are achieving success on a different level. I do think the article is one of the best accounts of the history of dance music in Houston (minus the MK Ultra show).

I think my dedication since 1995 speaks of my passion.

Josh "DJ Lazy" Dupont

Writing a Wrong

Nailing Carpenter: As a loyal reader, I was put off by the exposure you gave to Will Carpenter and his story ["Pulp Fiction," by Sarah Fenske, May 20]. Simply calling the story "fiction" does not change the fact that it promotes violence against women and that Carpenter obviously has issues.

He then went a step further and sent the story to the woman that he based it on. This was clearly harassment, and he got what he deserved. The fact that the Houston Press would champion such an individual is irresponsible journalism.

Mark Walter

Capital Idea

Exile Derf to D.C.: Your City artist has lost it. The strip used to involve mildly amusing anecdotes of life in Houston. No more. Derf has turned into a 100 percent major Bush Basher [May 20].

What is his problem? If he wishes to have Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in his strips of his city, he should move to D.C., where these people actually live. I am sure he can find some similar publication in D.C., where he can play to the audience of liberal, civil service, union member Democrats that reside there.

Richard Ambrose

A Real Meal Deal?

The Jadeite challenge: Robb Walsh needs to stay in Hawaii if he does not like Café Le Jadeite ["Pacific Rim Shot"]. Randy, the owner and chef, is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He will go out of his way to make your dining enjoyable. Each dish has its own distinct flavor. The chicken, beef or seafood, with their different sauces, makes Café La Jadeite more outstanding than any other place.

Everyone I talk with is overwhelmed with the decor. This has to be Houston's No. 1 Chinese restaurant. The waiters in tuxes and the impeccable service make this a wonderful place to lunch or dine. Walsh has to be stupid and ignorant, and must have no taste to write this article against any restaurant.

I guess no one cares about Walsh, because the place is always packed. Rosie and I will be there for dinner Thursday, June 3, at 7 p.m., and I'll buy dinner for anyone if they are dissatisfied with their dinner or think Walsh is right about the place.

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it, Robb: I think you've been smoking too much opium.

Bernard Wishnow

Now pay up: I could not agree more about La Jadeite. We went to La Jadeite one Friday with some friends. After a very average Chinese dinner for $150, we truly decided we would have been better with $40 worth of takeout.

Pretty location, but the food is not up to par.

Jim Lerdal


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