Fur-or over Wolves

Stop the suffering: The most disturbing aspect of this story ["Cry of the Wolves," by Michael Serazio, April 1] is Rae Evening Earth Ott's utter failure to accept any responsibility for the situation, and that she intends to open another "rescue" reservation. I hope that no more wolves (which should never be pets in the first place) have to suffer for Ms. Ott's mistakes.

Brian Zygo

Painful truth: Thanks so much for this heart-wrenching story. Painful as it is, we need to know what happens when these beautiful, intelligent, loyal and playful animals are overbred and mistreated.

Sarah Judson
Livermore, Colorado

Prevention first: I would like to thank and applaud your reporter for his investigative tenacity and the courage to pursue this story. Hopefully this truth will prevent this tragedy from happening again.

Liz Mahaffey
Bakersville, North Carolina

Health and welfare: I feel you did a great job in reporting the details of this horrific situation. I am a supporter of the wolf sanctuary in Laporte, Colorado. I hope Miss Ott is never allowed to open another sanctuary. The assistance and the health and welfare of the animals should be the No. 1 priority.

Bonnie Rogers
Griswold, Connecticut

Feeling Insecure

A little more help, please: I live directly across the street from the Village Arcade, in Rice Village. I have been asking Patty Bender at Weingarten Realty (713-866-6010) to install a security surveillance system and to hire adequate security guards to patrol the mall for at least five years. They have done neither. I have not only great sympathy for your injured account executive ["Exit Wounds," by Craig Malisow, April 1] but a growing fear that Weingarten Realty will continue to ignore security considerations while attracting greater numbers of undesirable people to the attractive nuisance they have created for the Rice University foundation that owns the center. The Rice police should patrol their property as they do the school they also own.

Donald Winston

Kinder (Gentler) Morgan

Better sailor conditions: Thanks for the article "All Aboard," by Josh Harkinson [March 18]. It's always great for us to see support for the sailors who keep commerce moving at our port. Harkinson correctly reported the abusive treatment and denial of shore leave to seafarers calling on private terminals at the Port of Houston in the post-9/11 world.

However, the stinging criticism of Kinder Morgan was unwarranted. Captain Sherry Hickman of the Houston Pilots Association and myself met with senior management at Kinder Morgan, and I must say that they responded in good faith to our concerns for basic seafarers' rights. They modified their policy, and sailors can now go ashore, and labor and humanitarian representatives can gain fair access to vessels.

Furthermore, government, industry and labor have been working together through the Area Maritime Security Committee to protect seafarers' rights. We have made significant progress that was characterized recently by Father Rivers Patout, when he said at a maritime luncheon, "We now have more freedom at the Port of Houston than any other port in the country."

There is no doubt that problems persist along the Houston waterfront, but you can rest assured that folks out there are fighting the good fight and there are responsible corporate citizens like Kinder Morgan who are willing to do the right thing. That's what makes us the most progressive and efficient port in the nation.

Dean Corgey, vice president
Gulf Coast Seafarers International Union

Majority Whip

Bondage bonanza: By now we have heard everyone weigh in with their assessments of the Passion of Mel ["Suffer Unto Mel," by Robert Wilonsky, February 26]. Good, bad or ugly, they all seem to have shied away from some of the more obvious implications evident in this film.

I think the real audience will arise after it becomes available on DVD. Then, in the privacy of their own homes, one can enjoy the many B&D scenes that permeate this Passion movie. All S&M aficionados can relive over and over their favorite segments in slo-mo or instant replay -- flaying or nailing to their hearts' content.

I'm sure Mel has his picks. Many are already paying good money for the thrill. We can't disappoint Mel's obsessions.

Sol Furious


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