Down in the Dump

Flushing out the facts: Your article was both amusing and enjoyable, but I must correct one error ["Wigged Gigs," by John Nova Lomax, October 7]. While I was at Mary Jane's Fat Cat for the 36 Crazyfists show, both before and after their set, I was not around when the unfortunate excrement incident took place.

Knowing the two individuals with the club that you mentioned, I can assure you that the only reason the situation did not escalate was that someone with the band, I believe it was the bass player, cleaned the mess up himself (with his hands!). This, along with the drunk "superstar" getting his ass kicked by his own bandmates, helped to keep club employees from getting further agitated and almost made us feel sorry for him. Fortunately this incident will only be remembered as another sickening, yet entertaining, band story and not another brawl involving a band.

(PS: Poor Dumb Bastards deserved at least an honorable mention.)

Tim Carrizal

Courting Trouble

Fueling divorce battles: Thank you for this article ["The Prince of Perjury Palace," by Sarah Fenske, October 7]. I personally have found that the Harris County Family Law Courts do not serve justice and do not protect the rights of children or a spouse leaving an abusive relationship.

Abusive ex-spouses typically do not change. They simply find new victims or new ways to attack the ex-spouse who had the courage to leave them. Often it is done in the form of hiring an attorney and attempting to take away the children. It's very sad that we live in a society where people who beat or emotionally abuse their spouses can simply shell out a few thousand dollars to an attorney so they can openly, freely and legally reabuse the ex-spouse in court. Harris County courts only encourage the cycle of abuse.

The family courts are the "Perjury Palace" because judges and law enforcement officers allow it to be so.

Andrea R. Villarreal

Don't blame Motheral: Your first comment that "Judge Motheral never even bothered to check…" is an unfair attack on this judge. It is not a judge's place to be the investigator -- the attorneys present the evidence upon which the judge is to rule. Please, you know better!

The judge is supposed to rule based upon the evidence heard from the witness box. Blame the attorneys who did not put on the evidence, blame the litigants who did not show up, but don't blame a judge for not "checking" facts.

Wendy Burgower

Popping Poe

Murder by auto: The word "appalling" is overused, so it lacks the punch it should have. But it truly fits the case of Michael Hubacek walking the streets a year after killing two innocent people and maiming a third ["After Oprah," by Sarah Fenske, October 7]. Even more appalling, he was behind the wheel of a car within four years.

If Hubacek had shot and killed two people and shot and seriously wounded another, he'd likely be on death row in Texas for capital murder. But, because he used alcohol and a car instead of a gun, he was back on the streets in a matter of months. Those innocents are just as dead as if they'd been shot, and it sounds as if Mrs. Davis will never heal completely -- emotionally or physically.

Name withheld by request

Best Rip-off

Chronicle copy: Kudos to the Press for another great Best of Houston issue [September 23]. I look forward to it every year, even though I live far outside the city and therefore don't get to experience as many of the things you include as do readers who live closer.

I also wanted to say that if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, y'all should consider yourselves extremely flattered in view of the fact that the Houston Chronicle published a special section called Ultimate Houston, which was obviously inspired by your Best of Houston. Although it was not nearly as extensive as your issue, I was intrigued by the similarities (and differences) between their selections and yours.

Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be looking forward to Best of Houston next year.

David Hinterberger

Objection to the court: Who composed the bullshit extolling Judge James Squier as the Best Civil Court Judge?

Squier did not give a shit in my case. He prostituted himself -- he was not about to be deboned by the "Court Watch Vampires" over the likes of a child and her need for a stable, happy, loving, respectful home and a life with her father.

The life of my daughter was destroyed, not to mention my own. It has been 13 years since my daughter set eyes on me. Either Squier has no heart, understanding of human psychology and no common sense, or he was not going down over the precious life of a child.

Robert Gartner


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