The Down Button

Elevator alarm: I just wanted to tell you that was the most intense article ever written about elevator accidents ["Catching Elevators," by Wendy Grossman, October 9]. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day.

I am a district sales manager for a beverage company and am on elevators all the time because I make an enormous number of sales calls. One incident that you refer to happened in Dallas. I am positive that it took place at a hotel where I had an account at the time. Needless to say, the rest of the staff was devastated and in shock. I was told that the victim was trying to retrieve a dropped tool when the car came down on him.

I will be sending a copy of this article to my mother in Fort Lauderdale. She will appreciate it because my grandfather was an elevator repairman. I'm sure he's turning in his grave as we speak.

Do I usually take the stairs when going up only a few floors? I will now. Good job.

Sue Curran

Abortion Attitudes

Bypass the Bible thumpers: Why not save the kids who are locked in closets and abandoned by parents who are unable or unwilling to care for them ["Go, Baby, Go," by Michael Serazio, October 2]? Why try to pressure someone who's made a mistake into making yet another? Not that having a baby is a mistake -- on the contrary, it is not. But being pushed into making that decision out of fear and ignorance is a mistake.

Talk to a health care professional about abortion, not a misguided group of Bible thumpers.

Anthony Munoz

Disgusting cover: I was very offended when I saw the front page on the abortion protesters. I have had two first-trimester miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, and lost a baby girl at 36 weeks. I wanted all of my children, and unfortunately I have a hard time with pregnancies.

You have the right to print news; however, the pictures should have been inside and had a disclaimer telling people that there were offensive pictures. My four-year-old daughter saw the pictures and should not have been subjected to that kind of information. You also have to think of the older generations that could have health problems and be shocked at your paper.

Elizabeth Soard

Bucking the Star

Bocking on: Salud to Rex Bell for standing up to "StarBratts" over his brew's name ["Beer Brawl," by Greg Barr, October 2]. You go, dude! And congrats on the five-year mark.

Charlie Carper

Grinding up the world: Thank you for the article on Rex "Wrecks" Bell. Starbucks has proved how corrupt they really are. No one would have made a connection between Mr. Bell's beer and Starbucks coffee, until they brought all this attention to it. Just another example of corporate greed. They won't stop until they own the world.

Good luck to him; he's going to need it.

Shawn Stevenson


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