The Home Front

Cover Houston demonstrators: Why did y'all choose to run the article about the Protest Warriors ["Clash Course," by Robert Wilonsky, September 9]? There is not one interview with anyone from Houston. Are bigots from Dallas really the most important thing for Houstonians to know about in relationship to the RNC?

I was one of more than 30 people from Houston who went to New York City as part of the Radical Tejas Bloc, to show the opposition of Texans to imperialism, war and the Bush administration. We were joined in New York by people from Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. We were present at four marches throughout the weekend, and sponsored two actions on August 31, both of which received national and regional media coverage, including some from the Houston Chronicle. Eight people from Houston were arrested at a march from Union Square to Times Square, where the police promised them and 60 other people that they would be allowed to march on the sidewalk and then arrested them all for blocking the sidewalk.

So instead of covering the Houstonians who worked hard to mobilize a diverse group of people from this community and support them while in jail, you covered the exploits of muscle heads from Dallas and Austin. Maybe in the future you could consider covering people from Houston instead of ignoring them in favor of folks who are based in Austin.

Rob Block

Concrete Solution

Road to nowhere: Great story ["The Mixmaster," by Josh Harkinson, July 22]. Follow it up with who leads the opposition to Robert Eckels and could get elected.

How do we combat the big-money interests? It seems like a lost cause. Maybe I should buy stock in cement companies and Perry Homes.

Jeff Harmon

Repay Haye

Wronged by the system: I was deeply touched by your in-depth reporting of the misfortune of Desmond Haye and his wife, Melissa ["Truth and Consequences," by George Flynn, August 26]. Most of all, I was appalled by the injustice and laziness of the investigators. There must be restitution for the crimes committed against this young, hardworking family. They lost their house and Desmond's job and suffered countless intangible losses such as dignity, faith in the justice system and 11 months with Desmond's daughter, Niya.

Can the Haye family not file a civil suit on these grounds? Are they not entitled to some restitution for the wrongs done to them? Are there no moral or legal repercussions for a legal system run by lazy incompetents with no regard for just another black male to whom they did not give due process of law?

Brianna LeGrand

Father Knows Best

Toye is tops: I am forwarding this column ["Classics Rock," by John Nova Lomax, September 2] to my son, Mike Darr, also an alumnus of Strake Jesuit, who remembers Father Toye as the best English teacher he ever had. Keep up the good work!

Barbara Darr

Missing the Parody

Truth is stranger: You have a number of your facts wrong in your story about my band and the reissue ["Electra-fied," by Garrett Kamps, September 2]. The divide among members has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with business.

And I have no idea where the "quotes" came from, but they are not even close. The real story is actually even better than what you printed.

Jack Radcliffe
New Bedford, Massachusetts


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