Crossfire with CPS

Claims and lapdogs: I, too, can attest to the abuse of power that CPS uses to scare and manipulate parents ["Fostering Abuse," by Margaret Downing, March 27], as I am also being dragged through the mud by them.

I am at risk of losing my children soon, unless someone can help in any way. My five-year-old girl is in serious trouble, as they very quickly slapped her on heavy antipsychotic drugs and now claim she is making new sexual abuse allegations that are not true.

All of this is because we completed the original case plan and pushed them to give the kids back. Now I realize why they "appear" not to listen or believe anything that would work in my behalf. It's because my child is an ADHD child, and as long as they can keep her drugged, they may just get that bonus. Even the judge is just their lapdog.

Kay Jett
New Braunfels

Gagging Free Speech

Ultimate price: Finally, some reasonable words about the Dixie Chicks controversy [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, March 27].

It always amazes me that when people in this free country exercise their right to free speech they have to pay a huge price.

Jack Morgan

Context thieves: It is sad when hypocritical, ignorant liberals like you take pen in hand and take things out of context for the sake of your own selfish, undereducated opinions.

Cynthia Romero
Corona, California

Give Maines her say: Before you crumple this and throw it into File 13, let me say I agree with you wholeheartedly. Congratulations on a fine piece on the controversy whirling around Natalie Maines. I feel she is entitled to her opinion. Isn't freedom of speech a constitutional right?

Charles Stogner

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