Bayousphere Drum circle: Alafia (standing) leads the beat on a Wednesday-night drum circle at Last Concert Cafe.
Bayousphere Drum circle: Alafia (standing) leads the beat on a Wednesday-night drum circle at Last Concert Cafe.
Deron Neblett


Consuming Hate

Better than vengeance: Excellent story of the mother and daughter confronting the killer of a loved one ["Face to Face," by Scott Nowell, September 27]. That's food for thought about revenge. It's tough to get actual revenge -- as elusive as justice. But there's a lot to be said for closure and letting go of hate that can consume. Pensive article. Keep up the good work.

Edward L. Hoffpauir

Stay tuned: I want to commend Scott Nowell for his article. It is a compassionate and informed look at a little-known process. I would hope that readers who might want to know more about the White family and their mediation will watch the film that was a source for part of that article.

Meeting with a Killer: One Family's Journey will have a special encore presentation on Court TV on Thursday, November 1, at 9 p.m. Like Mr. Nowell's story, the film's themes of love, murder, revenge and the redemptive possibilities of forgiveness have an even more timely resonance these days.

Lisa F. Jackson, producer/director
New York, New York

Compelling clarity: The article "Face to Face" is very good, informative and thought-provoking. I was not familiar with Scott Nowell's work but certainly enjoyed the clarity of his writing. It held my interest all the way through the story.

Nancy Ledwig
Tillar, Arkansas

Best and the Rest

Out and about: I do not have a full understanding as to how the Best of Houston awards [September 20] are distributed, but I can only thank you for not leaving it up to the readers. After reviewing some of the Readers' Choice awards I can say only this: Your readers need to get out more.

I mean, some of them must get out only enough to pick up your publication, because they certainly don't get out to experience anything around them. So, memo to HP readers: Review the BOH awards and come to the shocking revelation that Pappasito's is not the only Mexican restaurant in Houston and the Olive Garden is not real Italian food.

Keep up the good work, HP, and let's hope that some of the readers will follow some good advice.

Matt Mosley

Multiple choice: What a sad state our readership is in if we can't even pick restaurants that fit the category! Best Hole-in-the-Wall Burger Joint goes to Charlie's, with various locations? Best Chinese to Kim Son?

The worst, though, was Taste of Texas as Best Restaurant (c'mon, people, get out a little more!). And, oh gawd, Olive Garden as Best Italian?! Where all are you people distributing this paper? If the Readers' Choice represents the "Taste of Houston," then we're in trouble.

Gary J. Gee

Slump's rump: I finally had banished the last of Slump's little ditties from my brain, when you had to go and mention them as Best Spectacle in your Best of Houston issue.

Now, once again, I have "We're the rapesters (Pass the hamsters)" running loose in my head. Thanks a lot.

Dennis M. Dillow

No Excuses

Yates needed help: The more we learn of Andrea Yates (and her husband), the weirder the story becomes ["Wrong Call?" by Dylan Otto Krider, September 27]. I am appalled that CPS let this matter drop, and still goes so far as to say even now that the situation didn't warrant its involvement. Five children are dead (the ultimate abuse) and they hide behind "policy." Thanks for nailing their asses to the wall. I hope you will also look into rumors circulating in the mental health providers' community that the psychiatric unit of another facility (not Methodist Hospital) earlier ignored, dropped, misplaced -- you choose -- a doctor's orders to seek to have her committed to a state mental facility.

Dennis Oakes
League City

Percentile Envy

Westbury priorities: Hearing about Westbury's woes is no surprise to me ["Stepchild?" by Margaret Downing, September 6]. When I graduated in the early '90s, the administration was worried more about not pissing off the PC clones with Johnny Reb and the Stars and Bars than it was with cleaning up the school and surrounding area.

We had students from Bellaire transfer to Westbury their senior year so they could bolster their percentile ranking. A top 20 percentile at Bellaire would probably be a top 5 at Westbury. Of course, that would knock someone else down the ladder.

Name withheld by request


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