Bayousphere Off the McKee Street Bridge: They're fishing for gar using mullet as bait. It's a catch-and-release option back into the murky waters of Buffalo Bayou.
Bayousphere Off the McKee Street Bridge: They're fishing for gar using mullet as bait. It's a catch-and-release option back into the murky waters of Buffalo Bayou.
Deron Neblett


Filling the Gulf

Where are the partners? I enjoyed your article very much ["Publishing Gulf?" by Brad Tyer, August 16]. It was cogent, informative and interesting. I wonder what became of SCF Partners' on-line business after the sale of the book division. Perhaps that would make another good story.

Jim Robinson

Anime Alert

Future fears: Thank you for a wonderful piece of writing ["Tooned In to Anime," by Melissa Hung, August 2]. It's refreshing to read an article on anime that goes beyond the Hentai and Pokémon concepts. Truthfully, anime can run the gamut from horribly bad -- Dragon Knight -- to extremely beautiful and moving -- Princess Mononoke. And it is indeed an addiction of sorts.

I took my ten-year-old son to Project A-Kon this year. It was his first convention, and he loved every second of it. Voice actor Crispin Freeman hosted a panel discussion concerning the mythological origins of anime themes, and their relationship to concepts within our religions, cultures and histories. This background in mythos and history is one of the reasons anime appeals so strongly, and differs so greatly from most American animation.

I have strong concerns over the future of anime in America, given the political right turn we appear to have taken as a nation. We, as fans, should use every reasonable voice we can find to thwart the censorship of the extremists and to demonstrate to the general public that anime has a place in our culture as well as in its native Japan.

Katherine Honour
Binghamton, New York

Harsh on Harsh

Coleman should resign: You seem to be attacking and blaming Garnet Coleman's victim, Harsh Kumar [The Insider, by Tim Fleck, August 16]. Your comment -- that Kumar didn't help his credibility when he described Coleman as crazy, and demanded he resign from the legislature -- is an outrage.

Coleman is clearly on the edge and should resign all public offices. Of course, any of his statements regarding the attack are and will be not credible.

Jay Bute
El Lago

Left and Right

Council qualifications: Once again, the Press and The Insider cover the news stories the Houston Chronicle won't touch ["Forgotten Footprints," by Tim Fleck, August 9]. Although I appreciate and admire the Press for its populist/liberal viewpoint, I congratulate you for having the courage to tell the truth about a liberal candidate who is apparently unfit to serve on City Council. Keep up the good work.

Dennis Oakes
League City

Spare Yates

Capital travesty: Congratulations on your article ["Grieving in Public," by Tim Fleck, July 5] regarding the "show" this poor woman's husband put on, and I am extremely upset that he could do such a thing! I went to and found the article, because my morning paper stated that prosecutors were seeking the death penalty for Andrea Yates. What a travesty of justice!

This woman is, and has been, suffering from postpartum depression -- a most misunderstood and terrible disorder, and difficult to diagnose. A doctor of psychiatry in Toronto suffered this disease and jumped in front of a subway train with her infant son in her arms. Her parents, both in the profession, couldn't help her by recognizing the seriousness of this disorder.

Andrea does not deserve to die by man's hand. Isn't there help out there for this poor girl? I am not a medical person -- I'm a grandmother who is concerned about this girl's fate and is very saddened by the deaths of the children.

Betty A. Clement
London, Ontario, Canada

Head Lox

Egg on his face? New York Coffee Shop ["Bagels Rip My Flesh," August 16] was Robb Walsh's best review so far. (I was getting a little tired of the Mexican restaurant reviews every other week.) I would have loved to be there to see the co-owner's face when he read your review, although I can picture it, and I'm sure he was still indignant. I'm a bartender, so I know all about irrational restaurant owners. You made me want to start carrying around a notebook just to see who I can wind up.

Darci Davenport

Fried canary: Wowie! Your review has raised quite a stir at the bagel shop nowadays. The waitresses all grin like Cheshire cats having eaten a particularly fat canary. Jay is a little subdued and walks about like a boy who has come back to class after being summoned to the principal's office.

We are all disappointed that your review is absent from the walls, which are adorned with other newspaper reviews and Marvin Zindler's prized Best Restaurant certificate.

I welcome you back to the bagel shop anytime you like. In fact, you can sit at our table on Wednesdays as we all do lunch. You will know who the "we" (myself and my friends) are, as we are the ones wearing blue and carrying guns. We will gladly protect you as one who tells it like it is.

Mark Sebesta

Rude awakening: I especially enjoyed Robb Walsh's remark that at New York Coffee Shop he "encountered the authentic detail that is missing from the other New York-style restaurants in Houston: rudeness."

I admire his understatement. Actually I would have described owner Kornhaber's actions and speech more on the assault level than rude. Now I'm conflicted between my pacifist upbringing and taking my own notebook into this restaurant. I'd be sure to bring a large three-ring binder, though. One can take more notes that way. Would owner "Kornbabbler" attack an elderly woman as he did reporter Walsh?

Guess we'll never know. I finally decided that I encounter enough rudeness in life as it is, without inviting more in. So I've satisfied myself with simply crossing this place off my list of restaurant wanna-gos.

Lynn Clark

A Real Gas

Downwind: Notwishstanding your high praise of her, I would rather hear bears fart than listen to Toni Price sing ["Midnight Pumpkin," by Greg Barr, August 23].

Darci Davenport


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