Bayousphere The final walk: Congregants carrying palms walk into Trinity Church on the last Sunday of Lent, re-creating the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
Bayousphere The final walk: Congregants carrying palms walk into Trinity Church on the last Sunday of Lent, re-creating the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
Deron Neblett


Radio Active

Neutered news: Terrible article ["Tuning Out the Static," by Lauren Kern, April 5]. I guess you know more than the Green Party, Ralph Nader and all of us who care about free speech. The Press is now just as neutered as KPFT and Pacifica when it comes to progressive reporting.

This article just showed that the Press has gone through the same cleansing process as Pacifica. I'm real sorry. Now I don't listen to KPFT and I won't read the Press since there is no good info. I still got the Internet, though.

Dino Marcaccio

Go the distance: I have been closely following the Pacifica crisis for over two years. Your article is undoubtedly the best I have read about the network in that time. I learned facts about the history of Pacifica and the personalities you describe that I have seen nowhere else, whether in print, on the Internet or on various e-mail lists. I congratulate you for your superb reporting and analysis. The only caveat I would mention is the story's subhead claiming that the Pacifica National Board and its opponents are "on the same team." There is great political distance between liberal Democrats (such as Mr. Acosta and Mr. Palmer) and the loony left (such as Mr. Johnston and Mr. Renteria). I think most Mexican-American Democrats, for example, would find little in common with a self-described "Marxist-Leninist-Maoist."

Again, a wonderful piece of work.

Dave Smith
New York, New York

Robo Right

The human side: I want to compliment you on your fabulous robotics article ["To Be a Geek, a Robot God," by Jennifer Mathieu, April 5]. I teach at HSEP and know how wonderful our kids are. No one has ever tapped into the human side of these kids the way you have. It is a warm and personable story in which you breathed life into the characters. You are a gifted storyteller.

Pat LaVergne

Labor of Love

Great deeds: Great job on the "Captive Emotions" article [by Melissa Hung, March 29]! It is truly wonderful to learn these people are doing something positive with a negative situation. No More Victims is a grand undertaking that gets to the roots of society's greatest problems: vicious cycles, poor communication and lack of support for those in need.

I hope it is able to continue going strong so parents and children can find ways to come together and live better lives. These are dedicated, caring members with a willingness to reach out and embrace love.

Thanks for bringing this terrific story to light!

Alex Clayton

A Few Good Pimps

Righting the record: Thank you for your well-written piece in your excellent publication [News Hostage, by Richard Connelly, March 29]. I enjoyed reading it.

One thing, it is rather apparent you have spent little time listening to my show. For one, I have never referred to all Democrats as "poverty pimps." Most Democrats are not. But some are.

Second, I am not aware of anyone who believes Hillary's lesbian lover killed Vince Foster. I think if you will check you will find that Mr. Foster took his own life. If Hillary has a lesbian lover, I am not aware of it nor do I care.

My decision to leave KPRC Radio was based on principle. I wish all of the good folks at KPRC Radio the best of luck.

I invite you to listen to me each morning so perhaps your perceptions about who I am and what I do will change.

Again, thank you for a fine article.

Jon Matthews
KSEV Radio

Those Were the Days

Triple A forever: As a second-generation Houstonian, I was touched by your appreciation of some of the special places that reflect a side of Houston that has been disappearing over the last several years ["The Inkblot Test," by Robb Walsh, April 5].

Having new restaurants and bars to choose from is nice, but it's sad that so many old standards have now vanished. One is the Aquarium, where my father used to toss back a few beers when he lived in the Allen House in the '60s, and where I did the same during my brief residence there 30 years later. I will always remember the night some friends and I ended up at Roznovsky's, another terrific dive and burger joint, after a high school dance, and tried to look like we belonged there with all the regular Friday-night crowd. Hopefully the Triple A won't meet the same fate!

Holly A. Royce

Total experience: Some of us prefer style over substance. I'm not in that camp. The Triple A Restaurant is an eyesore, but the last time I remember going there the food was pretty good. I have eaten at some fine-looking restaurants where the food was marginal at best. Everything that glitters doesn't have a golden taste.

There's nothing wrong with the way you write your reviews [Letters, "Food Fight," March 15]. As a frequent patron of the city's restaurants, I want you to paint me a picture for my eyes, re-create smells for my nose and tastes for my palate. After all, it's not just the food, nor is it just the atmosphere. It's the whole package. The whole dining experience. In the words of hopefully fading hip-hop slang: Just keep it real. Don't worry about the haters, they'll come around.

R. A. Wyatt


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