Bayousphere: A two-groom event: The caterer works quietly in the background, making final food preparations before the ceremony joining two gay men at the Lovett Inn in Montrose.
Bayousphere: A two-groom event: The caterer works quietly in the background, making final food preparations before the ceremony joining two gay men at the Lovett Inn in Montrose.
Deron Neblett


Wretched Research

Guilty of stupidity: I certainly think, in a court of law, the Reverend Carlson would win ["Graven Images," by Richard Connelly, October 19]. Conners appears to be the almost perfect patsy for a defense to exploit. When doing research, however, there are volatile areas that any well-disciplined researcher must plan for.

Here is a man, man of God or not, homo or hetero, and he is conducting unsupervised research on the Internet, where he is exposed to pornographic images that have felled many "solid" people before him. Who did he tell about this? Did he have a professor assigned to his project? If he is not guilty, he is certainly guilty of carelessness and stupidity, and his "research" has forever been tainted.

Without informing anyone who could hold him accountable before the fact, he was no different from the average Joe with money in his pocket wandering down Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. When they catch him handing $100 to an undercover officer, he says, "I'm working on my thesis on the wretchedness down here."

Jerry Moreno
Missouri City

Godwin's On Target

Keep the heat on: You put many of the issues very clearly ["Contents Under Pressure," by Lauren Kern and Steve McVicker, October 12]. Charles Godwin is 100 percent correct about the hardening of the inmate population and the attempts by TDCJ to cover up the problems in the system.

Don't stop now, please. The public, the guards and the inmates need your reporting.

Michael Christie

Culture Jocks

Be true to KTRU: Thank you for publishing the article on the KTRU situation ["License to Steal," by Lauren Kern, October 19]. Please continue to cover this story in depth. KTRU is indeed a Houston cultural institution. It is beyond me why Rice University doesn't understand that the station -- as it is now -- brings the university more prestige than a sports- and lecture-oriented station ever could. It also brings Houston national recognition.

In fact, it is one of the few things that make it possible for Houston to have a viable national and international music community. If Rice implements these changes, it effectively will cut off any connection that Rice has with the world beyond its campus hedges, and it will do immeasurable damage to Houston culturally.

Perhaps of less significance, for me no KTRU means one less reason to look forward to visiting Houston.

Christina Carter

Red over Greens

Nader's not got the nod: I took a slight offense to David Cobb's remarks concerning the backing the Green Party has received from the "art car community" ["Green Horns," by Brad Tyer, October 19]. It seemed a tad misleading in that there are many car artists who do not support either Ralph Nader or his party's stance on transportation. I'm not even sure if a majority of the artists support the Green.

As the chairperson of the Houston Art Car Klub (HACK), I am in a position to hear all the sides and views of the local art car community, and it was unfair of David to lump them all together. It is not nice to make generalizations about anyone. I try not to let my position as chairperson influence HACK agendas or leanings, so I felt it was important to clear up this little misunderstanding. Otherwise a great article.

Bryan Taylor

Newshound Barks

Dogging the stories: I am writing from the newsroom of Texas Cable News, and I take exception to the Dallas viewer who commented that we are "strangely unable to handle breaking news" [News Hostage, by Richard Connelly, October 19].

On a daily basis, we do rely on the news-gathering of the hundreds of Belo reporters working at Texas television stations and newspapers. But in breaking news, we are at our best. We are very aggressive in bringing video and information to our viewers quickly and accurately.

Given our technology, there is no one in Dallas who can beat us. You're barking up the wrong tree when you say we don't do breaking news well.

Name withheld by request

Blowin' Up

Don't tread on me: Oh, man, I am so freakin' glad that someone other than myself noticed KHOU's obvious overglorification [News Hostage, by Richard Connelly, September 28]. Tonight, they led the 6 p.m. newscast with yet another one of these Firestone stories -- this time a different model tire has seen complaints. Oh, horrors!

Does it not stand to reason that if one model of tire made by a company is bad, then the rest are probably going to have some glitches as well? Holy crikeys. They made a bad product, and they made some poor management decisions to cover it up. That has been made obvious. However -- pardon the pun -- this whole story is now in danger of being overblown. Or perhaps a blowout?

Rhonda Omberg

Digging It

Dead on: Thanks to Lisa Gray for writing a solid, in-depth story on our efforts to preserve the historic Harrisburg-Jackson cemetery ["Grave Importance", September 28]. It was nice to see the article delve into the efforts of Ruben Muñoz, an unsung hero.

Some of the others who assisted in making the cemetery a place we can be proud of are Milby High School's Peace Club, Forest Park Cemetery and Funeral Home, state Representative Rick Noriega and those who helped fund the Texas historical marker for the cemetery.

Christopher Varela

In Bad Company

Money over minds? CEP needs to be fully investigated ["Learning Curve," by Wendy Grossman, October 5]. This is a company, not a school. They are only concerned with the revenue that's generated by the contracts that they have with HISD, not in educating at-risk youth. They have no stability or consistency within the company; they have a huge staff turnover.

What bothers me the most is that according to the article, HISD is in full support of this holding facility. A full investigation needs to be done on the entire operation, starting at the top. It's a shame to see so many students in that type of environment, only because of the quotas that have to be met by the contract agreement with the district. They go from bad to worse. If the company is not stopped, it will ruin the lives of so many young people.

Lisa Graves

Metro Mania

Exclusive ire: I read your Night & Day article on the Race Car Club ["Off Track," by Brandon Cullum, September 28] and was completely offended. The party last year was not some exclusive thing. So anyone who thought they were the shit for being there -- sorry. As for the guy throwing it: What a jagoff. This wanna-be is a joke.

I love it when people in this town try to act "metropolitan." These are the same idiots who a few weeks ago were partying downtown because we named our stupid football team. Get a life. I used to want to be one of these so-called social elites -- until I met a few of them.

Name withheld by request


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