Next Week They'll Make Fun of Habitual Letter Writers
Let's see: You have one movie critic who makes fun of Sly Stallone's speech impediment ["Tunnel Vision," by Robert Abele, December 12] and another who defines wit as urinating on stroke victims ["Fighting Words," by Andy Klein, December 12]. Well, they're obviously classy guys, and I hope you've tied them up with long-term, big-money contracts.

R.T. Castleberry

Wayne Over Easy
What a waste of space ["Six Degrees of Dolcefino," November 28]! I fail to see the humor in spending two pages attempting to roast or slam Wayne. I consider Wayne a friend, and so obviously I am biased. However, is there not enough news in Houston that the Press (which I read religiously) has to resort to a half-baked, insulting "article" against a reporter who not only possesses an Emmy but also has the respect of thousands of Houstonians for rooting out waste, corruption and other abuses of power that hurt and anger the average Press reader?

I would have hoped such an "article" was beneath the Press, as I know it is not a fair portrayal of Wayne Dolcefino or his work. Instead of throwing cheap shots at a man who has had a difficult '96, the Press should applaud someone who constantly pushes the envelope of investigative journalism.

Wayne's continual blockbuster "undercover stories" come not from an overinflated ego but years of dedicated, tedious and intelligent hard work. Obviously, his success often breeds jealousy and sometimes even "cheap shots." By the way, next time the Press staff needs some inspiration to fill those pages each week, do yourselves a favor and go see his band. I'm sure he'll save you all a seat, right up front in the center of his universe!

Pete T. Patterson

Editor's reply: Thanks, but we've heard Wayne's band.

Boor Unmasked
I was quite pleased to read Picks [November 21] about Cleo's Comedy Theatre. I, being a member of the comedy troupe currently performing in the show, found the tidbit quite funny and right on the money, except for one thing -- the overbearing boor you were referring to has no underlings and we have long since tired of humoring his ego. Thanks for trying to deflate his bubble without getting our theater covered in the mess. Can you believe he says he doesn't know who the article is referring to?

Name withheld by request

A Little Credit, Please
I am writing in reference to the Dish item of December 5 concerning Bill Sadler's sale of Cafe Noche ["Sadler Moves On," by Joanne Harrison], in particular the reference to Sadler having built the River Cafe into a success. Several times lately your publication has made reference to Sadler's previous ownership of the River, and that's okay, since it is a fact of reality. However, I would like to point out that was nine, almost ten, years ago.

At risk of sounding petty, I believe in credit where credit is due. I have owned the restaurant for nine years and worked here as general manager for Sadler during his years of ownership. As I said, I don't want to appear petty about this, but when I read, once again, that Sadler had built the restaurant into a success, I was (frankly) miffed. Nine years of effort on our part over here count for something, in my opinion. Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam over this.

Loren Wolff
Owner, the River Cafe


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