We're Appauled, Too
Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't do anything to other's [sic] that you wouldn't want done to you?" Obviously not! I was totally appauled [sic] at the article about being a Power Dancer ["A Little Flesh, A Little Dance, Little Sequins on Your Pants," by Megan Halverson, November 28]. Those ladies work extremely hard most every day of the week for minimum wage. They do it because they love to dance and they love the Rockets. Is this what they get in return for all they do?

I have the utmost respect for each and every one of those ladies. I am sure that their feelings where [sic] hurt when the cover of your magazine stated in big, bold letters: "A Little FLESH, A Little DANCE, Little SEQUINS on Your Pants." That is degrading to say the least. How about a headline like, "ROLE MODELS, PRO DANCERS AND HARD WORKING LADIES WITH MORE THAN ONE JOB." I'm sure each of those ladies has a career, along with spending all of their free time practicing and dancing at games. I danced as a WORLD FAMOUS KILGORE COLLEGE RANGERETTE, and I know how time consuming and demanding something like this must be. It takes self-discipline and initiative, qualities that many people in today's world are unfamiliar with.

I believe that those dancers deserve a public apology for leading your readers to believe that they are trashy and sleezy [sic]. If they are good enough to dance for the Rockets, they are good enough to dance professionally anywhere their heart desires ... it's surely not a "last chance to dance professionally."

Please consider writing more positive and uplifting articles when the group your [sic] covering is so deserving. I know that several of those ladies are public school teachers, trying to service the public in a positive and productive manner, unlike this article would lead people to believe. I wouldn't doubt that Megan Halverson wished she could be in their place. This article gave you four pages to help fill your paper at 14 ladies' expense.

Annette Stark

Editor's reply: Just one question, Annette. Did they teach spelling at WORLD FAMOUS KILGORE COLLEGE?

But Now Lanier Will Confiscate Their Cole-Haans
I read with great interest Jim Simmon's putdown of Kingwood residents and their fight to stave off annexation ["Nature's Call," December 19]. Put yourself in their Cole-Haans, Jimbo: higher taxes for fewer and less extensive city services. What a deal! I can't believe they tried to pass that up. A local car dealer can charge them for an El Dorado, promise them an Impala and give them a Geo. Bet they'll be knocking down the dealership door once they find out.

What does the word "overprivileged" mean (Word Perfect 7.0 doesn't recognize it)? Is it a synonym for "working hard to achieve"? Not likely. Sounds to me your word more likely means "inherited too much money."

If there are more than a handful of "overprivileged" people in Kingwood, I'd be surprised. Most of them are (were) living the American Dream and paid the price for it: a lot of hard work ... and a long daily commute.

Bob Kochman

Maybe You Should Run for Mayor, Too
The name for Rob Mosbacher's band is quite similar to that of our band, Hot Flash, for which we have a DBA ["Straight Outta West U," The Insider, by Tim Fleck, December 12]. Depending on the quality of his band, it could bring us business, or take it away. In any event, it is likely to cause confusion.

Max Heffler


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